7 amazing tourist spots in Poland

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If you’re looking for incredible holidays with beautiful sights and a little bit of adventure along with an opportunity to save some money on cheap flights, Poland is the place you should visit. Here’s our list of top spots to visit in this eastern country.

Wawel Castle

Krakow is a favorite tourist destination in Poland and there’s a reason for that. Actually, there are at least three reasons. First of all, the Wawel Castle. Located on a hill this gothic 14th-century building is a home to the piece of Polish Crown Jewels and the legendary coronation sword called Szczerbiec.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

The second reason to visit Krakow is the underground city made of salt with a chapel that has the best acoustics of any structure in Europe. The walls are covered in sculptures from ancient and present times.

The Main Square in Krakow

This Europe’s largest medieval square is a real treasure in a country almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. You can still feel the atmosphere of middle ages here and listen to the bugle call that used to warn about the Tatar attack.

The Old Town in Gdańsk

If you prefer seaside resorts with the fresh breeze and slightly colder weather, get a plane ticket to Gdańsk and take a walk along the cosy and historic streets of the city centre. It includes many 17th-century sites, such as mills, churches and granaries. Nothing you’ve seen before.

The Masurian Lake District

Tired of cities? Then come to northeast of Poland and experience the real sailing adventure. This area consists of 2,000 lakes interlinked by rivers and canals, which makes it the perfect holiday destination for water sports enthusiasts.

Slowinski Sand Dunes

This Sahara-like area is a real treat for those who enjoy seaside landscape. Dunes, which are a part of Slowinski National Park, form the shapes of waves with height up to 30 meters and they transform each season. That is why they’re called the ‘moving dunes’.

The Carpathian mountains

If you’re a fan of mountain hiking, biking or skiing just move towards the south of Poland for an unforgettable adventure among the wonderful views and clear, fresh air. With numerous attractions that mountains have to offer, it’s the perfect place to visit at any time of the year.

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