9 world’s most afforfdable holiday destinations for 2017

Youth has its rules, so discovering the world, having fun and living the adventures of life are integral elements that band young people. Unfortunately, a young man who wants to spread his wings and travel around the world very often is limited by his budget. Luckily, after finding bargain flights, you do not have to bend your hands because there are destinations that will allow you to see the world for a small amount of money! Here is our list of 9 affordable destinations around the world, which for a small sum of money will let you visit the extraordinary corners of the world, and fulfil your travel dreams!

1. Ireland – fabulous nature, Guinness, and live music

Ireland – fabulous nature, Guinness, and live music

Flights to Ireland are cheaper from year to year, and the hotels do not put off by the prices too – you can find very decent accommodation for 10 euros. If you want to start your adventure with travel, Dublin, and its surroundings will be the perfect start. You can visit here the extraordinary Chester Beatty Library or meet deer herds at Phoenix Park.

After a pleasant sightseeing, it is impossible not to go for a bottle (or more) of good Guinness, which you can often bought at a discount, and many pubs can be found on live concerts.

2. Dominican Republic – Caribbean dream at your fingertips

Dominican Republic – Caribbean dream at your fingertips

At first glance, a getaway to the Caribbean can only be a dream, but as it turns out, a flight to the Dominican Republic can be surprisingly cheap. Daily living expenses including accommodation, transportation, and food can cost up to £35 if you can save. The cost of the beer is for example about £1!

Being here you can not be bored – heavenly beaches, a paradise for water sports enthusiasts like water skiing, parasailing or diving, as well as excellent local cuisine make the student getaway will be unforgettable.

3. Bulgaria – Black Sea and excellent cuisine

Bulgaria – Black Sea and excellent cuisine

Bulgarian resorts were in recent years, crowded with tourists from all over the world, as compared to other similar sites, they offer reasonable prices – e.g., in comparison to Spain or Italy. Capital – Sofia, is a great place to relax, and the daily living expenses are usually less than £35.

The excursion to Bulgaria is beyond the beach, for example on Liulin, it is also an opportunity to get to know the culture, because Sofia as the second oldest city in Europe abounds in numerous museums and galleries, such as the Museum of Socialist Art or the Museum of National Literature. The fascinating Bulgarian cities are excellent places for pleasant walks in the beautiful architecture, and the opportunity to purchase locally beautiful knotted lace.

4. Honduras – dream holiday in Central America


Honduras does not belong to the most popular destinations, which does not change the fact that it is worth a visit. White beaches are deceptively resembling the Maldives, the possibility of diving, and by the way, excellent food and drinks make it the perfect place for a student trip. Daily living expenses may be less than £25 a day!

Being here it is very cool to see Puerto Cortes – a bustling port, which is famous for its trade in bananas, where you can feel the strong Spanish heritage. Beautiful monuments, colonial architecture captivate.

5. India – danced and multicoloured

India – danced and multicoloured

Coming to India, you can either spend a fortune or keep up with the funny money – it all depends on for what you are looking. The daily cost of living on decent terms can cost you £15. The most you’ll save by tasting local food and staying in hostels.

Because India is a vast country, it is good to plan your trip earlier and see at least a few places. Western India and Rajasthan, the white sands of Kerala in southern India, as well as the Taj Mahal or Dehli – unusual places are everywhere!

6. Cambodia – lush vegetation and unique place for adventurous

Cambodia – lush vegetation and unique place for adventurous

Cambodia is one of the cheapest places regarding living expenses. Accommodation can be found here even for £2.5! It is the ideal flight destination for those who like to travel with a backpack into the unknown, not looking for luxury (of course, the more demanding travelers will also find something for themselves).

The lush vegetation and amazing culture of this unique country delights and local attractions like Angkor Wat – archaeological park where the three-day entrance fee costs about £ 48 allow you to see many historic temples and fabulous corners with the wonders of nature.

7. Portugal – the charming tip of the Iberian Peninsula

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is an exceptionally friendly and affordable corner that lets young people get to know the world and feel free. Unlike many other European countries, Portuguese holidays do not belong to expensive, and they guarantee the sun, diversity and unforgettable impressions.

Being here is worth a try of local wines that taste delicious. A bottle of wine with a solid portion of the dinner costs about 5 euros! You can spend a little money here, and feel the atmosphere like Italian Tuscany.

8. Bolivia – Tibet of America

Bolivia – Tibet of America

Bolivia is a piece of South American life with a distinct Spanish note. La Paz, the lively capital of Bolivia, invites colonial buildings, museums such as Pedro Domingo Murillo’s House and Museum Costumbrista, and provides a cheap and unique holiday experience.

A bottle of local beer with a portion of Chiaro soup usually costs less than £1.50. Bolivia is a country of tropical and warm climate, and the surrounding La Paz mountains of Altiplano delight in its extremely harsh, yet stunning character. Indigenous culture and great folk dances will impress young travelers who love to explore the world.

9. Greece – Zorba dance and paradise islands

Santorini, Greece

Due to the economic situation of the country, holidays in Greece have become much cheaper than a few years back. You can use this time and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the icy Mythos for half the price (£1.5).

Greece is perfect for pool parties, tasting souvlaki and other specialties and carefree laziness. Getting to the various islands of the Aegean Sea takes a little time here, so it is worth to look for schedules and price lists, which will help to plan your trip and save a lot of money.

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