A foodie’s guide to Prague

Czech Republic, Prague - multiple flights

Traditional Czech cuisine is very diverse and full of rich flavors. Make sure you don’t miss  out on local dishes which will make you want to come back for more.

The most famous

“Knedliky”, also known as dumplings, is the most popular dish among tourists. They’re  made of potato flour and they’re often served with “guláš” – chopped beef meat with sauce. If you’re looking for a simple meal, try one of Czech’s classics, “smažený sýr” – fried cheese served with baked or fried potatoes.

Snacks that go with beer

Those who travel through Prague can’t miss beer delicacies – snacks and meals that are perfect with beer, like “utopenci” – sausages pickled with vinegar, oil, spices, onion and red pepper or “hermelín” – a soft type of cheese covered with a thin white film.

Something for a sweet tooth

Czech cuisine offers a variety of desserts, such as fruit dumplings – a sweet version of traditional “knedliky” or pancakes called “palačinky”. They are filled with ice-cream, fruit or jam and served with whipped cream.