Airport Hacks: Top Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Did you ever hear anybody claiming, that the easiest part of his travel was the airport check-in? Quite unlikely. What is more, airports are the biggest headache-causing element of any trip, which came straight on us just after we get some luck in the task of caching cheap flights.

If you dream about getting through the airport stuff without stress and trouble, explore some of our airport hacks that can prove to be very beneficial and will efficiently make the beginning and the end of each smaller and larger expedition to be more pleasant.

Travel preparation

travel preparation, airport hacks

On every flight – even this small, it is worthwhile to prepare in advance, so that later, when we’re at the airport, avoid many unpleasant situations. Here are airport hacks that are worth to keep in mind before departure:

  • Prepare snacks and water – delaying flights or waiting at the airport between interchanges may not be easy. If you do not want to overpay for meals at the airport keep on hand your favorite snacks – especially some protein bars, whole-grain crackers or an apple. A water bottle is also a practical option, and you can get some free water at vending machines.
  • Put on appropriate clothing that will provide comfort and functionality while traveling. It’s great to have a jacket with lots of pockets, which will not only help you pick up trinkets, but will warm you up during long-awaiting or in-flight.
  • Before leaving, prepare a set of documents and check your luggage. Print boarding card and download it on your smartphone. If possible, use self-check-in option for your registered luggage. Remember to check its weigh before arriving at the check-in point. You can also do it for free at any airline stand.
  • Keep on hand the contact to your career – being on a regular basis, you will learn in advance about the cancellation or delay of flights – you will not be waiting too long at the airport and save yourself a lot of stress, knowing when and where you have to be. Airlines offer a range of applications to help you during your trip, why not take advantage of them?
  • Always have the most important things at your fingertips – a suitably packed handy bag will allow you to be prepared for any situation – especially when your main luggage is lost at the airport.
  • Choose a night flight – at night the airport is calm, and it is much easier to get through the check-in. Also, the road to the airport will be much faster, and you will arrive for your flight at an express rate, and you will not even see how you get off the plane at your destination site.
  • Before leaving for the airport, check out the terminals and information points – large airports like LaGuardia in New York can be astonishing to you, so it’s a good idea to get to know their strategic locations before you get there – check-in and check-out will be more comfortable and more efficient.
  • Be airport connoisseur – Airports can be fun and comfortable. Once you look at the airport map (make sure you get one) you can find plenty of things to do and enjoy – free guided tours, tropical orchid&butterfly gardens, cinemas, libraries, etc. All you need to do is basic research on the airport facilities – and the time between your flights will never be wasted again!

At the airport

airport hacks, what to remember before travel

Once we get to the airport, we can make our way through the briefing and wait on the terminal by using another airport hacks:

  • Skip the queues – Airport queues can ruin any travel before it even starts. If you are looking for the shorter line, head left. Most of the people are right-handed and subconsciously go to the check-in points located on the right.
  • Sleep sweet, stay safe – Finding a safe and comfy place to sleep before travel is always a priority when arriving the airport at night. Some airports (think: Bangkok, Singapore, Paris) provide relaxation zones – they’re perfect places to sleep. Equipped with soft sofas, CCTV, and calming music, those areas are still unknown to many travelers – but not for you!
  • Indulge for free – Airports can be nasty for your look, dehydrating your skin with AC and giving you the red-eye effect. But they can also be perfect places to take care of your body – sometimes for free. Look for free massage chairs to rejuvenate your muscles, free and high-quality cosmetics samples to rehydrate your skin and if you fly with many airlines’ business class, complimentary spa treatments.
  • If your flight is delayed, and you have to wait for long hours look for a friend. Try to find someone who is just like you in a similar situation, and start talking about a common “problem.” It will help to pass some time in the lovely company.
  • Courtesy is the key to getting things done at the airport – friendly attitude, big smile, will always help with check-in, changing places for first class or during the trip itself.
  • If you like shopping do not forget about duty-free shops – this is an excellent opportunity to buy at attractive prices.

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