Australia Travel Guide: The Ultimate 14 days Itinerary

How to best spend 14 days in Australia

Have you ever thought about traveling to Australia? This magical place famous for kangaroos and unusual Sydney Opera House arouses great interest. Australia is so different and somehow exotic, but on the other side, this amazing country seems to be surprisingly familiar to us. If you are planning a great flight to this fantastic destination, meet our suggestions on how to spend 14 fabulous days in Australia!

Unusual places – what to see while in Australia

Unusual places – what to see while in Australia

Flight to Australia is an opportunity to experience an extraordinary adventure, and this fantastic place is a treasure trove of fabulous spots that are just begging for a visit. Here is a handful of sites that are worth to get to know during the trip:

  • Sydney is a city where the beautiful Opera House with sails in the foreground delights and has become a showcase for Australia in the world. Australian expedition will not be full without a visit to this charming city. The richness of the town’s attractions encourages discovery and introduces the climate of this beautiful continent.
  • Byron Bay is a favorite spot for tourists and Australians. Legendary lighthouse on the background of sunsets, numerous festivals, kilometers of incredible beaches, water attractions and beautiful weather here is guaranteed.
  • Great Ocean Road on the south coast of Australia is a destination that will enchant you with panoramic views. The delightful 12 Apostles – the stone hills gushing over the rough waters of the coast, the ocean, the cliffs and the rainforest are all intertwining here with the charm of the numerous towns.
  • Another fabulous corner of Australia is undoubtedly the Grampians National Park – not far from the Great Ocean Road. You can give an extraordinary expedition, as well as learn the art of engraving of south-eastern Australia.
  • Fans of nature should go to northern Queensland where among rainforests can discover the beautiful charms of nature. There are many rare specimens of reptiles, frogs, bats, butterflies and birds, including the prehistoric Cassowary. Here you can go on a crocodile boat trip and enjoy the extraordinary ties of nature.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the point obligatory during the journey! The diving trip will allow you to see the wonders of the ocean, including extremely rare and unique species of animals and plants. Experience not to describe!
  • Uluru – known as Ayers Rock is another place that brings to mind Australia. This inconspicuous rock is the holy place of the Aborigines and can impress on also the most skeptical tourists. Admission to the National Park costs AUD 25 per person and is valid for three days.
  • Located just off the coast of Hervey Bay, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It is best to spend a few days here and explore it while driving. You can meet here dingo, and many other rare animals and plants. It is also a perfect place for amateurs of water sports.
  • The Kakadu National Park is a place where you can discover traditional indigenous tribes. Picturesque landscapes, unusual nature listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, incredible history and flush vegetation – all in one magical place.

Australian specialties and attractions – what to do and try during adventurous 14 days in this extraordinary place!

Australian specialties and attractions

Australia is unusual customs and exciting attractions, which is worth a try when you visit this kangaroo and koala country – this is the best way to experience the real Australian climate!

Tastes of Australia:

  • Few know, but Australia is a wine country. Excellent wines are often rewarded – after all, Australian soil, and unique climate makes their taste takes on an incredible depth. Try the red wines of South Australia and Western Australia, and white wines directly from Victoria and Tasmania.
  • Wine is not all that Australia has in its store, there’s also something for the beer drinkers! Excellent quality breweries can be found here in almost every region, so it is worth asking local retailers of beer recommendable.
  • Australia is also famous for its grilled meats. While visiting this lovely country, it is impossible not to take a real Aussie Barbeque. Various meats, sausages, hamburgers, lamb chops, chicken wings and plenty of seafood – all of this can be found on the Australian grills.
  • Taste the famous dessert directly from Australia – Pavlova. This super sweet meringue with whipped cream and fruit turn back your head! The Australians and New Zealanders have long ago argued for its origins, but it does not change the fact that this fabulous dessert is worth the sin.
  • Be sure to try the meat pie – this surprising delicacy has a permanent place in Australian culture, so you have to try it at least once.

What attractions should not be missed?

  • Throw a Boomerang – that peculiar Australian game is an excellent way to spend your time!
  • Play Didgeridoo – one of the oldest instruments in the world, takes hours of practice to play some simple melody, but if you love music, learning it will give you a lot of fun!
  • Australia is a magic of nature, so be sure to spend a night under the stars here – of course in a safe place, for example at the campsite. The starry sky and the closeness of nature will make you cut entirely from the gray of everyday life.
  • If you love scuba diving in Australia, you can go crazy to the max! Take a swim with the sharks! The best time for this extreme meeting is from March to early July.
  • Cruise with the crocodiles is another crazy attraction that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life! Be sure to bring your camera with you!
  • Being in Sydney, take a cruise on the harbour – fantastic views and a great adventure!

A handful of tips – what to keep in mind during the conquest of Australia

what to keep in mind during the conquest of Australia

Australia like any other corner of the world is a place where we can meet something that will surprise us, what we are unfamiliar with, new people and their customs, and unusual situations to prepare. Here are a few tips you should read before your flight for a lifetime trip to Australia!

  • Australia is a vast and unique corner of the world, so do not expect to see everything in 14 days. Before you go, make a good itinerary!
  • Get ready for expenses. Daily budget including accommodation, meals and all the attractions can be the cost of at least AUD 100.
  • Australian English can be very surprising, so it is good to know a few words before the flight – that will help you to avoid many misunderstandings.
  • Do not expect kangaroos and koalas on every corner! In the wild, you can meet them in the vicinity of national parks. In more populated areas, you will most often find bats, snakes, lizards, and a myriad of spiders.
  • You do not have to give any tips! Employees in Australia do not complain about their salaries, and therefore there is no custom of tipping – unless you want.
  • Watch out for the sun – hot sun rays are exceptionally burdensome here, so keep in mind the proper protection – hat, clothing, eyeglasses and filter creams.
  • Weather in Australia can be very tricky – do not be influenced by forecasts of weather, because weather variability may surprise. Be prepared for every option!
  • You may encounter problems with the Internet! Wi- Fi is available in cafes, hotels, and restaurants, but rushing in the natural world get used to being offline.
  • Cars drive here on the left side of the road – it’s good to know, just in case.
  • Australian ketchup is called tomato sauce, but it tastes differently, so if you can not live without your favorite sauce, bring your own.
  • If you are a fan of UGG boots, you can get them in Australia much cheaper and in better quality – what’s interesting here they aren’t such sensations as the world.
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