Baltic Region: 7 day trip to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia this summer

Seekers of exciting travel options, often looking for exotic or very famous places as destinations of their expeditions. As it turns out, the flight to the Baltic region can become a unique option – close, exotic and truly unique. Three countries on the shores of the Baltic Sea – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – can become a surprising place for a seven-day expedition that will allow experiencing the Baltic tastes. Multi-city flights between Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius can cost from about £200!

The unique scenery of the Baltic Sea, the vibrant culture, and traditions, the incredible heritage left by the former powers and the amazingly friendly inhabitants – this is just a bunch of things that you can expect here!

Lithuania – an authentic and quiet corner with European charm

Visit Vilnius, 7 day trip in the Baltic region

If you prefer quiet nooks, Lithuania will be a perfect place for you. Beautiful Vilnius with its baroque architecture and cobbled streets will delight and will help to escape the hustle and bustle of crowded and more popular European cities.

During your visit to Vilnius, you have to take a stroll through the remarkable Old Town which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Beautiful monuments and architecture that survived the invaders undisturbed by the war years and the Soviet occupation. The beautiful Archdiocese Basilica, the Gates of Dawn, bastions, and fortifications, as well as labyrinths of streets, encourage discovery. It is also an excellent idea to visit Zarzecze, modeled on the Paris Montmartre site, which has been a haven for bohemian for centuries. An artistic atmosphere of this place is a great moment to sip a cup of coffee and relax. 30 kilometers from Vilnius, you must visit the castle of Trakai, which is located on a majestic island.

Traveling the Baltic regions must be combined with learning about flavors, so visiting Lithuania, it is essential to taste the dumplings and capellini.

Latvia – Art Nouveau Metropolis of Europe

Visit Latvia in 7 days, Baltic Region, Baltic States

The capital of Latvia is the unusual Riga, whose phenomenal Art Nouveau buildings captivates enthusiasts of exceptional architecture. The beautiful Old Town delights, and not without reason has been called by Hemingway “the Paris of the North.” The nightclubs in the center of the city are full of life, and the amazing colorful Jugendstil buildings add to the unique atmosphere.

Riga is an exceptionally beautiful place, but it should be remembered that is not cheap. Being in Riga for a while, it is worth to make a little move away from the city and visit Jurmala and Kemeri – resorts full of wooden villas, and relics of the past with modern smartness. Art Nouveau buildings, cinema closed for years, a small wooden church, lush or beautiful views create a unique atmosphere together. Another interesting place around the city that is worth mentioning is the medieval ruins of Sigulda Castle, founded in the eighteenth century, where giant sculptures commemorate the thousands of victims of the Nazis.

Estonia – the medieval climate and excellent wine

Visit Estonia, 7 day trip in the Baltic region

If you love medieval climates, archery, sipping mulled wine and exploring old fortresses – Tallinn, the capital of Estonia will be a perfect place for you. The city is full of amazing buildings, cobbled streets and interesting places, and has the largest, among the other three Baltic capitals, the Old Town, where you can meet a lot of people in traditional folk costumes – it changes the whole expedition into a journey in time.

Tallinn is also a very modern city, situated not far from the rocky hills, it is inviting with orange towers, castles and pastel dwellings that seem to be very specific to the Baltic sites. The wooded upper town shows us majestic views of the sea and ubiquitous seagulls that watch the sea waves above the defensive walls. Being in Estonia for a while you might also want to go to one of its islands like Saaremaa or Hiiumaa, which delight with the tranquility and beauty of nature.

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