Best Halloween Destinations in the World

Halloween - multi city flight

Halloween is a tradition celebrated riotously all over the world. Despite its many names, diversity of its customs and beliefs, it is more and more attractive opportunity to explore the world. Destinations to which is worth to book a cheap flight on this occasion, there are plenty – from Salem to Hong Kong! See our suggestions for places all over the world that are perfect for a memorable break in a climate of Halloween.

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Halloween - cheap flight

October in Salem is a fascinating month. The atmosphere of Halloween is granted to everyone here! This magical location is a place where many years ago twenty-six people were judged and convicted to death for witchcraft, which is why this place is known for its dark legends.

Witches have become a hallmark of Salem, and that’s why visiting the city you must see a Witch House and Old Harbour. The night of Halloween is celebrated here with a bang – there are fireworks, magic shows, screenings and many other attractions that bring creepily and at the same time a very pleasant climate. Although Salem is a small town, its unique atmosphere makes it the perfect option for a family flight.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Halloween - multi city flights

Being in the United States, it is worth to book a multi-city flight through New Orleans, where Halloween will be unforgettable. Combining the voodoo of haunted places full of paranormal activity will make a trip even more intriguing.

New Orleans is known as the most haunted city in the United States, so at the time of Halloween, you might want to book a hotel in its French Quarter not far from world’s most famous cemeteries. Party atmosphere of New Orleans during Halloween guarantees the Voodoo Music and Art Experience. For those who love sightseeing, a real treat will be the house of Hermann-Grim and Bourbon Street.


the Day of the Dead, Mexico - flight deals

In Mexico, does not celebrate Halloween but the Day of the Dead – a three-day festival, which begins on 31 October each year. It’s very joyful feast of the dead, which makes a big impression!

Every town and city have a bunch of fantastic attractions – for example, on the small island of Janitzio, you can learn rituals consisting of folk dances, signings in cemeteries, or the phenomenal shows with torches on the coast. In the vicinity of Acapulco, in the town of Oaxaca in turn, there is a huge street festival, where locals dressed in costumes have a parade along the streets decorated with skulls, skeletons and flowers. In Merida, you can also get to know a particular ritual of “Feast for the Soul”, which involves feasting on cemeteries. A traditional meal in here is a pita with chicken in banana leaves.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Halloween - cheap flight

A perfect place to spend Halloween in Ottawa in Canada where Baytown Museum knocks on his knees the largest tough guys. The exciting museum exhibits bring a unique and frightening atmosphere, making the celebration will be unique and will stay in the memory for a long time.

Ottawa also offers impressive National Gallery, in which, is located one of the world’s largest sculpture of a spider in the world – right opposite the main gallery building. Flights to Ottawa from London can be found now for £226.

Transylvania, Romania

Halloween - multiple flights

Romania is a country of Dracula, in which the Gothic architecture, dark woods and the impressive Castle Bran attracting those who wish to experience extraordinary.

Visitors to Transylvania during Halloween can learn remarkable legends, join the exceptional tour groups or taste the original Romanian cuisine listening to the live music in the medieval atmosphere. Transylvania is a region where the traditions of Halloween can be experienced differently, and vampire society in the picturesque scenery will delight.

Hong Kong

Halloween - flight

Halloween in Asia? The best destination for the flight will be Hong Kong. Take place here two traditions – Yue Lan – Festival of Hungry Ghosts, and traditional Halloween, in the American style.

Unusual experience guarantees Disneyland and Ocean Park with Halloween Bash. The end of October is in this fascinating city an absolute madness – colorful costumes, numerous events, characterizations, decorations, and plenty of entertainment. Hong Kong offers a variety of climatic events in clubs and bars, and shopping malls delight with thematic promotions and decorations.

Every amateur of creepy moods and a good time on Halloween will find its perfect place for this unique time! And a flight to any of these magical places will remain in memories for many years.

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