Best holiday destinations for seniors and the over 50s

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Autumn of life is an excellent period in which it is worth to experience traveling, which we simply didn’t have the time for, being a busy young man. Having a few more years, we can look more mature on the beauty of the world, and like with a good wine, enjoy its uniqueness.

Here are a few of our proposals for dream holidays for the elderly!

Jordan – dream journey of a lifetime


Gray hair and grandchildren are not the reason why the great expeditions are impossible! One of the favorites among the places ideal for travel for the elderly is Jordan – an oasis of peace in the Middle East. This place is where you can see the remarkable ancient Petra or Wadi Rum. Jordan, despite appearances, is also not a too expensive destination, because the flight ticket can be purchased now for £130.

An excellent argument for a trip to this beautiful place is also the proximity to the Dead Sea, which is famous for its wealth of minerals, so beneficial to health and invaluable in the treatment of numerous diseases. Excellent infrastructure of Jordan makes elderly people feel confident here and are free to relax, enjoy the warmth and tasty Arabic cuisine. 

Thailand – a note of exoticism to the Autumn of Life

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Thailand is one of those places, about which, each of us is dreaming at any age. A mix of an extraordinary natural and cultural heritage, as well as the place where the magic of ancient cities, temples and colorful bazaars makes the journey, will forever remain in memory..

Elders can find here calm, pure relaxation and the richness of health resorts, green islands, and picturesque beaches. You can taste here the things about which you secretly dreamed for a long time – scuba diving, windsurfing, and trekking. For a note of madness, you can book a flight to Bangkok – the city that never sleeps. 

Japan – the magic of the country of the rising sun

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A perfect trip for seniors must be a balance between the sightseeing and leisure time, in Japan, this harmony is even required. This charming country of the rising sun is rich in historical monuments, but also a great culture, history, and local differences.

Each season offers an entirely different experience – spring smells with flowers of cherry blossoms, summer delights with festivals and splendor of fireworks, autumn captivates with picturesque mountains dressed in multi-colored leaves, and in winter you can experience here the benefits of winter sports on snow.

Excellent choice for the elderly is to travel to Hiroshima’s famous Bullet Train, Peach Memorial Park and Miyajima Hiroshima, where they can visit the Itsukushima Shrine located in one of the most beautiful parts of Japan, full of colorful gardens. The trip to Japan does not have to be expensive because you can find the cheapest flights from £325!

Transylvania – where you can hear remarkable stories about Dracula

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This beautiful place located in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, it is a dream flight destination for seniors who wish to rest in the original scenery. Heritage of Transylvania and the famous story of Count Dracula, make this place took on extraordinary climate and magic.

The rich history of the empire of the Austro-Hungary, the different medieval villages, and excellent Romanian wine is an unusual combination, perfect for a dream trip for an older person. This place is ideal for enthusiasts of wildlife – bears, wild boars, and wolves, as well as lovers of birds or hiking in the hills and forests. The beautiful towns, castles or medieval fortresses make all the history freaks will feel its breath in the air.

Croatia – a country of 1000 islands

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A beautiful cruise is a dream of many of us, so why not fulfill it in older age? A perfect place to hold a dream trip will be a cruise through the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

Book a multi city flight to the charming town of Split, which is one of the Croatian pearls, is a great way for you to start a journey. Along the way, you have to necessarily stop at the idyllic island of Korcula, the birthplace of the famous Marco Polo. Another fantastic point on the map of your trip may also be the island of Mljet, where you can see the famous lakes and from where you may move to Dubrovnik to explore the majestic Old Town and enjoy a tasty dinner with a view of Elaphite Islands.

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