Christmas Destinations: The Best Places to Spend Xmas

Christmas is for many of us a time spent with loved ones but also the traditions that we love or we want to get away from them. Those who are dreaming of a carefree relaxation, an excellent idea, it will be a family flight in the Christmas journey!

There are many places in the world where you can spend unforgettable holidays in your dream atmosphere. For families, the perfect option would be either tropical Hawaii, exotic Japan and snowy Finland where you can experience the real atmosphere of Christmas. Below we present 12 sites just ideal for a Christmas break!

Bali, Indonesia

Christmas in Bali, flight deals

If you prefer holidays in an entirely different style, you have enough of carols and Christmas gifts chasing, put on a flight to Bali! The vision of a Christmas Eve spent on the island looking for the sunset sound intriguing, isn’t it? Wreaths of flowers and herbs, the treats with tuna with yellow berries or roast lamb at the helm, and the fairytale landscape indeed make that Christmas will be different than usual.

A snowman made of sand, a Christmas tree decorated with starfish and beautifully lit in the backdrop of tropical trees, and the incredible locals will make the holiday amazing!

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Christmas in Mexico. San Miguel

This Spanish colonial gem and extraordinary Mexican soul will make Christmas an amazing one! Performances, reconstructions, fireworks, live music and dancing in the square of El Jardin amaze and bring a whole new look at stunning Christmas time. Being here during the Christmas season, be sure to try ponche – toddy fruit and brandy drink or sweet bread Rosca de Reyes – local delicacies.

This colorful Mexican city knows how to celebrate, so strolling the streets you’ll meet Mary and Joseph – on numerous shows, listen to Christmas songs, and on extraordinary and unusual cobbled streets, you’ll see a UNESCO World Heritage churches and unique architecture that will take you into a unique world.

Chicago, USA

Christmas in Chicago, USA

A windy city gives many reasons for why you should spend Christmas here. The tones of joy, millions of Christmas lights decorating the Magnificent Mile, the Christkindmarket – German beer and sausage market, huge handmade Christmas trees, an amusement park in the Christmas climate and an ice rink are just some of the things that happen in Chicago during the holiday season.

In the States, holidays are exceptional for some reasons, but they certainly can not be denied the flair and finesse. Chicago covered with a white fluff of snow, flickering lights and full of joyful people make, that it is impossible not to smile and feel the magic of Christmas.

Niseko Village, Japan

Niseko Village, Japan - cheap flights

Niseko is the most popular place in Hokkaido – a region full of ski resorts. If you dream of a family flight to the exotic, yet very charming place, Japan will be the perfect destination. A Christmas atmosphere will appeal to everyone, and a note of the Orient in the form of Japanese food and hot springs onsens will soothe after a day of skiing madness.

On Christmas Eve, you can see here the fabulous fireworks, and meet Santa Claus and reindeer team – which can take volunteers for a short ride on the sleigh. In the morning, for early risers, an unforgettable experience, will guarantee a trip to a spectacular sunrise, during which, by floating a gondola you can see the majestic mountain views.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland - flight deals

Legends of the North Pole as the official home of Santa Claus, are famous since 1820. Therefore, the Santa Claus Village is probably the most joyful place you should go for a holiday. Located at the foot of the Arctic Circle – Napapiiri is a paradise not only for children. Theme parks, real reindeers, the possibility of visiting the workshop of Santa Claus, and meeting him in person is the true magic of Christmas.

Lapland is a land of Christmas where dreams come true, so baking gingerbread with elves or despise calligraphy make the flight here will be unforgettable. In surrounding area, you can also see the polar bears, wolverines, and mosses, and in the science center, you can learn the secrets of the aurora borealis. A bit of magic the whole expedition can add the Arctic Snow Hotel made entirely of ice!

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada - cheapest flights

Quebec is a city where in the North America, where you can feel the atmosphere of old European holidays. Celebrating Christmas in this fabulous place is an unforgettable experience thanks to made from recycled materials Christmas trees, original lights which are created by the pedaling cyclists and other environmentally-friendly attractions.

The old Quebec is transformed completely in the Christmas time. Just for now it is the captivating place reminiscent of stories of Dickens, and tasting plum pudding and sausages with roasted chestnuts, you can fall in love in this city. Here you can also admire the extraordinary exhibition of nativity scenes from around the world, go skiing or a ride on a snowmobile.

Aspen, Colorado, USA

Aspen, Colorado, The USA - flights

If you love white Christmas, Aspen is the perfect place to spend the holidays. At this time of year in Colorado, you can fully capture the white madness! Skiing down the snowy slopes, numerous attractions in the form of musical events and magical Christmas ornaments make this multi-city flight would be only of its kind.

An intriguing blend of historic charm and modern luxury hotels and taverns make the holidays will be in here an unforgettable experience. An exciting attraction is also, taking place in the Telluride on Christmas Eve, the traditional parade of torches, which is cultivated since 1972.

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Hanauma bay, Oahu, Hawaii - flight deals

For those who prefer warm and tropical climates, the perfect destination for the flight in the holiday period will be Hawaii. Sandy beaches, volcanic peaks, rich Hawaiian culture, and warm and extremely friendly people is a guarantee of an enjoyable holiday in the company of loved ones.

Lovers of surfing and water sports will be delighted with Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach where the waves reach 10 meters or more. Only here, you’ll see Santa Claus in a lighter outfit in the form of Hawaiian boxer shorts, and a captivating celebration of Christmas in the Honolulu – it will delight with the music, a colorful parade, and a 15-foot Christmas tree.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland - multi city flights

Christmas time is the perfect opportunity for a flight to Iceland. It is here, are taking place, unique traditions, like the one about sloppy Santas – Yuletide Lads, who bring gifts for 13 nights before Christmas. Ingólfstorg, in turn, enchants with the rows of charming cottages that make up the atmospheric market square Yule – The town of Christmas. On this market, every day you can find something new because some artisans come here just for one day.

The strange Christmas traditions of Reykjavik’s not all! This beautiful spot delights with the snow-covered town that attracts the richness of Christmas decorations that bring extremely festive atmosphere.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria - cheap flights

Salzburg in Austria is the birthplace of Mozart, and at the same time, dream, festive location surrounded by snowy mountains scenery, baroque architecture, and traditional Christmas markets. It was here in Oberstdorf – the town located not far from Salzburg, was created the world’s most famous Christmas carol “Silent Night.”

Salzburg is a place where they are cultivated incredibly rich traditions of Christmas, including Alpine krampuses, in which the inhabitants dress themselves as the scary beasts looking for naughty children. Flights to Austria can be purchased now for £70.

Trømso, Norway

Christmas in Trømso, Norway, book cheap flights

Northern light is a magical view that is breathtaking, and there is no denying that the flight to Trømso for Christmas will be the incredibly excellent idea. The North Pole in the Arctic Circle is the perfect place for Christmas because it combines not only wonderful winter climate – inseparably associating with this unusual time of the year but also great food, winter fun on skiing, dog sledding and fabulous Christmas decorations.

The cold blue sky admired in the Norwegian style in the hot tub on the hotel roof is unforgettable, and Nordic delicacies caress the senses. Short days and long nights have in them incredible charm, which delights during holidays like nowhere else – beautifully lit houses and streets in conjunction with Aurora borealis create a unique effect.

Boston, USA

Christmas in Boston, cheap flights

Boston is a city that brings to mind the atmosphere of old England – it is incredibly cozy and atmospheric, which seems to be quite an obvious destination for Christmas vacations. Covered with snow, like in a fairy tale street Beacon Hill, fabulous Harvard’s Sanders Theater, 2800 gas lamps that illuminate the city and the impressive Christmas trees at Faneuil Hall amaze.

Christmas in Boston is an excellent opportunity for a real sense of holidays climate and rich history of the city delights. The family atmosphere makes the time spent here will long remain in the memory.

Malmö, Sweden

Sweden, Malmoe - multiple flights

Modernist buildings, the sixteenth-century town square, tasty treats in the form of herring and other traditional Swedish dishes make the holidays will be different, unusual, but still unique. In addition to the perfect herring, the festive dinner in Malmö will be filled with salmon, ham, cabbage, and köttbullar (Swedish meatballs).

The excellent festive atmosphere also provides a smorgasbord – Christmas fairs, concerts and flashing Christmas trees that are wonderfully adorning the entire city. Strolling through the city you can enjoy hand-made decorations, and in local pubs, you can warm up with a cup of glogg – Swedish sweet wine. Christmas magic you can also feel when you visit the Katrinetorp Palace or Good Jul, where you can buy incredible gifts from recycling. There are as well a lot of outdoor rinks here so that you can spend a very active holiday time.

Venice, Italy

Carnival of Venice 2017

Venice, perhaps may not be the first destination we have come to think when we’re thinking about the holidays, but this magical time spent just outside the moonlit square of Piazza San Marco will make you change your mind.

Christmas feast here is full of Italian specialties like risotto with shrimps and seasonal vegetables or roasted branzino with the addition of potatoes, tomatoes, and oregano, or an aromatic smoked ham from Tyrol. Venice – the amazing city on the water, covered in festive decorations makes an incredible impression, and additionally, it is so romantic!

Vienna, Austria

Christmas in Vienna, Austria

Vienna and its extraordinary aura make the Christmas holiday becomes your favorite one. Incredible architecture in combination with delightful Christmas decorations, numerous fairs with unique craftsmanship, charming Christmas decorations and points with aromatic mulled wine, delights.The legendary Viennese choir performances will knock you down to your knees.

Among the goodies, you can enjoy the Christmas apple pie or tasty dishes of beef with potatoes. During the holidays in Vienna, you can feel like a fairy tale, and its magical scenery will create the best holiday time background – just like from you dreams.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France - multi city flight

Strasbourg is perhaps the most festive city in France, so a flight to this magical place at Christmas time would be an excellent idea.

Thematic villages and exceptional cuisine enchant Christmas guest. Visitors will delight delicacies such as gromperekichelcher (potato pancakes) and boxemannercher brioche, as well as a tasty drink – gluhwain (mulled wine). Besides the traditional Christmas then fair, take place here the Christmas carols concerts with live music, and shows of street art. Without a doubt, one can feel the unique atmosphere of a traditional celebration and magic of the holidays.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand - cheap flights

For those who love the beauty of nature and dream of really special holidays, the best solution would be a flight to New Zealand. Traditional Christmas colors – red, green and white, take herein, a whole new meaning. Red means pohutukawa – ruby, New Zealand native Christmas tree, white – fabulous, unspoiled beaches, and the green, of course, means kiwi!

It’s the perfect place for a holiday getaway for two. Here you can enjoy summer temperatures, water attractions such as the Lake Wakatipu, and on Christmas Eve, you can enjoy a delicious meal with lamb, seafood, and poultry in the main roles.

Valkenburg, Netherlands

Christmas in Valkenburg, Netherlands

This small Dutch town is the essence of Christmas. Velvet Cave Valkenburg is changed during the holiday season in the beautiful Christmas market square, where guests can visit Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Market Square offers numerous exhibitions, traditional Christmas treats and beautiful handicrafts directly from the Dutch craftsmen. At this time of year, is held in here, as well the annual festival of sand sculptures “A Christmas Story,” and an additional attraction is a holiday train, which runs between Simpelveld and Valkenburg. Cheap flights from London to Netherlands you can grab for less than £40!

New York, USA

Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York - multi city flight

The enormous Christmas tree decorated with over 30,000 lights connected by 5-mile cabling, topped with a 550-pound star is the most beautiful view that you can see at this time of year in New York City! The unique decoration located in the central part of the Rockefeller Center delights for over 80 years, and beautiful ice rink at her feet makes Christmas time could not be more pleasant.

Nearby, you can go to the Christmas market, where sellers offer thousands of occasional gadgets, snacks, and beverages. Lovers of the hustle and bustle will be enchanted by the colors and magic of Christmas shop exhibitions.

Christmas time is a special period, which should be unique, so if you dream of unforgettable holidays, pack your suitcase and move into the world!

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