Coachella 2017: The Ultimate Event Guide

Coachella Music and Art Festival in the USA

No matter what kind of music you listen to, or even if you are not a fan of music at all, the festival Coachella is an event which you can not miss! The formula of this extraordinary event goes far beyond the typical music festival. This event constitutes a celebration of music, art, fun, food, fashion, design, and joy. Each year Coachella gathers crowds of lovers of life and fun. If you dream to take part in this grand celebration, it’s the last call to buy tickets and book a flight to California, USA!

Coachella – a festival of joy on which you need to be!

Everyone who loves life and fun should at least once in a lifetime, take a flight to sunny California in Spring to along with hundreds of thousands of happy people, take part in a great event which is undoubtedly the Coachella Music and Art Festival. The festival began in 1999 and had become one of the most anticipated musical events in the world. This fantastic happening is lasting for two weekends, April 14-16 and April 21-23 and it takes place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio.


Coachella Music and Art Festival in the USA

Every year, the organizers surprise visitors with remarkable performances on various stages. On the boards of Coachella can be seen live performances of the biggest stars of world music. Concerts are quite spectacular, and fans of different artists can enjoy the beloved sounds and have fun like never before. In 2012 Coachella restored to life even the 2PAC which thanks to the technique of holograms could honor the fans with a remarkable performance, which has already passed into the legend of music festivals.


Coachella Festival 2017

Aside from the music, Coachella is a kind of fashion show! Every enthusiast of the latest trends, inspiration and quintessential of summer styling for the upcoming season seeker will feel here like in paradise. Laces, shorts, hats, patterned costumes, leather workers, cowboy boots and other details of clothing, make that the event is colorful and unique. Many celebrities, famous models, actresses, and trendsetters are competing in the original styling and fashionable design, which follow the fashion portals and fans from around the world attentively. Coachella is an event on which you have to appear!


Coachella festival location

The very spot where Coachella takes place is magical. The location is a definite advantage – Southern California, proximity to the fabulous Palm Springs, 200 km from Los Angeles, palm trees, lush green meadows and pleasant warmth of the tropics is the perfect place for this type of event.


Coachella Music and Art Festival Guide

The incredible line-up is only a small part of what awaits the participants of the festival. The organizers of the Coachella offer visitors many attractions like the famous Ferris wheel, free beauty bars, game zone, pool parties, art galleries, massage parlors, zones with classes of yoga and pilates, superb vintage clothing and accessories sales, and many others. An interesting traditional attraction of the event is Carpoolchella, fun, in which the participants are supposed to decorate their vehicles with the logo of the festival in an original way – the award is incredibly motivating – you can get a lifetime VIP ticket for Coachella!

Design and fantastic atmosphere

Coachella Music and Art Festival in the USA

The Strong point of the festival is the picturesque setting, visualizations, lighting effects and the like. Sculptures, installations, lighting, the play of lights and sounds intriguing pavilions, all of this creates the uniqueness of this place. Charming teepee put at the disposal of festival-goers, the proximity of the lake, the best music, Californian starry sky, they all create the magic that can not be resisted.

What awaits us at Coachella 2017?

Coachella Music and Art Festival

Coachella 2017 fast approaching and this will undoubtedly be a fascinating opening of the season of music festivals. List of celebrities who will appear this spring in Indio knocks on his knees and promises amazing experience.

  • This year as the main stars of the festival we will see Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead, as well as The XX, Justice, Lorde, Father John Misty and Bon Iver and many others.
  • Coachella will treat festival-goers, with numerous art exhibitions, where besides admiring the show, you can purchase the works of various artists. An excellent addition will also be workshops on popular art in the dark and other interactive opportunities for creative expression.
  • Besides art and music, the festival promises to be exceptionally tasty. Visitors will be able to enjoy the variety of delicacies in food trucks and the best restaurants in the area. Here you can try the proposals from vegan cuisine to fast food, as well as a range of options of coffees, teas, and alcoholic drinks.
  • The possibility of music, clothing or souvenirs shopping is an integral part of the festival so that everyone will find something for themselves in the small shops, tents, and stalls.
  • Games, playgrounds, competitions and numerous additional attractions make being in here, is a way we can find the hidden child within us. Coachella is a great opportunity for new experiences and fulfilling dreams.

For more details about this incredible event, visit the official website of Coachella

What is worth knowing before we put flowers in the hair, and we go on the festival madness?

Coachella Art Festival

Fun is fun, but before we move towards this amazing adventure and the artistic and musical sensations, it is worthwhile to know some tips that will help seamlessly give in to the festival frenzy!

  • If you still do not have a ticket for the flight, remember that the closest airport to Indio is Palm Springs International, but you can also try to catch a flight to LAX and from there get a rental car or by using an access pass Coachella for $ 70.
  • Passes admission to Coachella cost about $399 or $ 474 but sold for a moment before the event tends to be much more expensive, yet diverge like hot cakes.
  • Accommodation that will allow fully feel the atmosphere of the festival can be found in the On-Site Camping, although they tend to be quite expensive. An affordable alternative will be Off-Site Camping, hotels, etc.
  • Coachella is a festival of fashion, so you should wear something that expresses your personality, and will be comfortable. During the event, the days tend to be hot, but at night the temperature drops like crazy, so you should prepare for various eventualities. Handy things are a backpack, two pairs of comfortable shoes, shorts, watch an extra pair of socks, sunglasses and a hat or a baseball cap.
  • Besides the right outfit, you should have on hand water, cash, spray sunscreen, poncho, phone charger, small towel, bug spray, gum, earplugs, a small first aid kit and lip balm.
  • If you want to spend the best time at Coachella, make some plans – as soon as you can get the guide, organize your time as you like best. Do not rely on your phone, be sure to get to know meeting points and have fun.
  • Avoid staying in the sun at the hottest time of the day. By the way, be sure to constant sipping of water.
  • Don’t forget about regular meals – on Coachella, you will find a lot of delicacies that will enrich your fun, and they add more energy. Do not overdo with alcoholic beverages, because nothing spoils the fun as a hangover.
  • Be ready for anything, and therefore carry the documents, mark your belongings so that in the event of loss, good people can return it.
  • Enjoy the moment, do not concentrate on recording, taking pictures, etc. Catch memories and have fun.

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