Discover Asia: Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors

Discover Asia, travel guide, tips and tricks

Asia is a place full of extraordinary, but also extremes, fabulous exotic nature, amazing cultures, traditions, and people, so travel there is always a fantastic adventure. If you are planning to visit this full of surprises and surprising places on the continent for the first time, below are the perfect places, ideas for spending time and a handful of practical tips to make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Nooks, which are perfect for a great first trip to Asia

Bangkok, Thailand - flight deals

Asia as a particularly abundant in a variable part of the world that surprises and can bring both a fairytale adventures as well as many unpleasant surprises. Therefore, if you want to fell its uniqueness for the first time, stimulate your appetite for more, and do not be discouraged from further expeditions, you might want to choose one of the following suggestions which will ease the cultural shock and create a great alternative to your first trip to an unknown Asia.

  • Going to Thailand, instead of Bangkok, you should go to Chiang Mai – the place is quieter, tasty and has a delightful atmosphere. It will appeal to those who do not like the crowds but want to visit a typical Asian metropolis. Looking for peace worth a visit is nearby Pai – a charming little town in the mountains.
  • For those who value style and modernity and at the same time dream of learning the culture of Asia, a perfect destination for the first trip is a flight to Kuala Lumpur – a mix of ethnic groups from China, India or Malaysia. The bonus is the ease of communicating in English.
  • Indonesia is an incredibly captivating Asian spot, so a visit to one of more than 17,000 islands would be an excellent idea for a first trip to the continent. The most popular destination is the island of Bali – famous as a perfect site for honeymooners.
  • Singapore is a destination that is exceptionally safe, clean and extremely friendly, so coming here you can feel at ease while experiencing Asia. The only downside here – are the prices, but fortunately, delicious dishes – as in other parts of the continent, are incredibly cheap here.
  • Laos, and in particular the charming Luang Prabang is a unique place. It combines the remnants of French colonization and the extraordinary nature, including the majestic waterfalls or the endless and magical jungle.
  • Sri Lanka is a dream place for seekers of blissful relaxation. It combines relatively calm destination with beaches that delights like in a fairy tale, water sports, and attractions as exceptional circumstances of wildlife, including rare species of birds.
  • Hong Kong is a city where you can experience the unique culture of China, but at the same time feel familiar – everywhere you will speak English. In contrast to Beijing, Hong Kong will not be a culture shock, so it is undoubtedly an excellent destination for the first flight to Asia.

A handful of ideas for the first extraordinary trip to Asia

Discover Asia, travel guide, tips and tricks

Coming to Asia for the first time, you are looking for inspiration, an idea for a unique journey that will delight and leave you with incredible memories. Here are a few options that undoubtedly will allow you to enjoy your time on this rich in the uniqueness continent, where it is impossible to be bored!

  • If you are dreaming of a trip that will combine the passion of diving, relaxing on the paradise beaches and discovering the unique culture – perfect will be Bali and the Philippines. Here you can learn yoga, meditation and admire rice fields. The phenomenal coral reefs will make the dive enthusiasts spend most of their time on underwater escapades.
  • A fantastic combination will be the visit of the Great Two – China and Japan. By choosing a flight to Hong Kong you can visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City or eat the famous Peking Duck, and in Tokyo (in Japan) discover the Golden Temple, visit Fuji, eat sushi and enjoy the beauty of the Geishas.
  • In Thailand, or in Cambodia, you can enjoy an elephant ride, mountain walks or visits to numerous temples. With nature, unusual people and tastes of Asia, you will feel like you are in another world – it’s a dream fulfilled for the first time travelers in Asia that are looking for adventurers in the style of Indiana Jones.
  • Singapore as the main destination place of the first expedition to Asia will undoubtedly delight. Its showpieces are the sophisticated Gardens by the Bay, which combine nature and modern architecture – the 100 hectares are futuristic objects super-trees and a vast greenhouse. Everything is best presented there with light illuminated at night. You can also enjoy the city of Singapore Flyer, get lost among the streets of China Town, Little India and Arab Quarter. Singapore is an exact combination of Asian cultures in one place.

Tips for explorers of Asia – what to know before the first expedition

Discover Asia, Hong Kong travel

Every journey into the unknown, to new countries around the world that are distant and new, need to be prepared correctly, so it’s good to get some knowledge that will allow us to successfully and safely take a trip. Asia is a very intriguing piece of the world, so before the first flight, it is worth to know a couple of things …

  • Do not worry about linguistic differences – by choosing larger metropolitan destinations, you will be able to communicate without much difficulty in English. Learning phrases in the local language will be useful in small towns, but will also be a great way to get to know the local culture.
  • Do not pack too much for the journey – this fascinating part of the world is so vast and full of places where you might want to go, so leave behind the unnecessary ballast, and on-site you will find everything you need. Put on light clothes, comfortable shoes and something warm – evenings in some corners may be cold. Before leaving for a particular country, find out what dresses are forbidden in temples, etc. to avoid problems.
  • Remember about Travel Insurance – Asia is a country of many surprises, and there are also those less pleasant ones, so it is worth to have the extra security.
  • Forget about stereotypes – what you know about the country from movies and news can prevent you from getting to know the real state – make your own opinion!
  • Have some payment options on hand – credit cards may be insufficient especially in remote corners, islands or smaller villages, so it’s a good idea to have some cash.
  • When shopping you should negotiate – it is a part of the Asian culture, which is why prices are as low as you settle them.
  • Plan your trip, but without exaggeration – Asia surprises on every step, and every rigid schedule won’t be possible. Transport delays, continuous change of schedules, etc. are the norm.
  • Do not focus only on the guides – Asia’s wealth of variety of places, each of which can enchant, so rely yourself on instinct and enjoy the time spent traveling into the unknown.
  • The daily tourist budget is on average $20-40 – everything depends on the final destination.
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