Easter Sun: Top 5 beach places to visit this Spring


Beach holiday is timeless and without a doubt a proven way to unwind. In the spring, after the winter cold can not get enough of the sun, so the flight in the direction of the fabulous beaches, it is an excellent idea to recharge the batteries, and at the same time, gain some holiday blushes. Discover our suggestions for the top 5 of the most exciting beach places, which are worth a visit this spring!

1. Sozopol – Bulgarian city with the Greek soul


For those who seek fantastic beaches and rich in history sites, Sazapol promises to be excellent. That oldest town in Bulgaria was founded as a Greek colony in 610 BC. Remarkable buildings and the possibility of contact with the stages of development of human civilization in one place makes it beyond the lazy beach life, is a destination where you can explore the amazing culture by visiting the city like a real museum.

Sozopol is a showcase of Bulgaria therefore, beyond the impressive architecture, archeology, rich culture and beautiful beaches, you can enjoy a high standard of hotels, restaurants and tourist infrastructure. Flight to Burgas, located 35 km from the Sazapoluis the cost approximately £80.

2. Bonifacio , France- a place with a military twist


120 km Corsican coast, close to the sea from every corner and extraordinary history of this once inhabited by Napoleon Bonaparte Bonifacio, makes this place is the perfect spot to satisfy your desire for sunbathing and incredible vacation this spring. Just like Sozopol, Bonifacio can be called a living open-air museum, because you can spend time among the remarkable monuments of a distant and exceedingly majestic history. Numerous performances and exhibitions that are held here let you experience the military and religious treasures of the Bonifacio.

An exciting attraction for beachgoers is the International Marine Park and the harbor. Connoisseurs of seafood will be delighted by the local cuisine. It is worth to taste the lobster from the local fishermen, which served with excellent local wines is offed by restaurateurs. Located on the southern tip of the island Bonifacio is also a treasure trove of unusual plants and animals – many of them are rare and protected species.

3. Premantura, Croatia – an oasis of greenery


Fabulous valleys and ravines, streams affecting directly to the sea and the heavenly beaches of Istria is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes and soul. Located here Premantura – a remarkable Croatian town impresses with landscape and amazing architecture. In the spring one can enjoy the beach life, but also forests and mountains.

That located on the northern Adriatic site is the largest green oasis in this region and therefore ensure a remarkable holiday, and in the spring, it blooms probably the most! City, residents and fantastic views combined with local specialties make it impossible not to fall in love with this place. Flight to Pula located less than 12 km from Premantura is a cost around £160.

4. Biarritz – the Basque traditions in flamboyant form

Biarritz, France

That located in the south-western French city is the perfect destination for those who also dream about visiting located right next to the border – Spain. Fabulous fishing port of the Basque country, the hospitality of residents and, of course, perfect for this time of year the beaches make the flight here is an interesting choice.

This place is an excellent destination for fans of water sports like surfing, as well as those appreciating therapies with sea water. Here you can enjoy French cuisine with a hint of Spanish finesse, and extravagant architecture of the city makes spring break will be absorbing. Regional traditions and charm of the surrounding countryside will make you feel here very well, and probably you will return here more than once.

5. Alicante – where the fiesta lasts at all times

Alicante, Turkey

This spring, it is worth to choose also to take a flight to Alicante, a town located on the east coast of Spain. Rich culture, golf courses, sailing madness, lots of delicious restaurants and pleasant beaches make the trip here will be the extremely pleasant memory. The flight to located near from the city airport is the cost around £70.

The city Alicante beyond the pleasure of sunbathing offers interesting places like the Archaeological Museum MARQ, MUBAG Fine Arts, the Museum of Nativity, Hogueras Museum, The Bullfighting Museum and many others. The charming promenade and parks or pedestrian zones that surrounding beaches allow you to spend a pleasant time outdoors. In Alicante, you have guaranteed to be a part the finest Fiesta and well-spent time.

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