Greek Islands: Make the most of your trip while visiting Greece

Greek Island guide

The extraordinary natural beauty of nature in the form of dunes, pebbly beaches, caves and vegetation, ancient architecture with a rich history, unusual places and attractions of the Greek islands is a reason that flight in these amazing places would be a great idea for a memorable trip. An integral part of the culture and traditions of Greece which are almost 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian makes it impossible to not fall in love with this fabulous place on Earth.

Fascinating Greek islands invite us in many ways. Look what you can see, do and taste, and then you’ll know that booking a flight to Greece will become a pleasant formality!

Places that will delight

Knossos Palace - Greece Islands

When traveling to the Greek islands, it is impossible not to get the impression that every corner of the islands is captivating and seems to be magical. However, with limited travel time, it is worth visiting here in particular:

  • Unusual Phaistos Palace or Knossos Palace are a majestic and very endearing places with a rich mythological history that are worth a visit during a stop on the island of Crete. All impressive buildings from the end of the Bronze Age delight.
  • On the island of Delos, it is impossible not to see the birthplace of the sun god Apollo and his brother Artemis (the god of the moon and hunting), will let you admire beautiful old harbor, amphitheater, and architecture here.
  • Corfu is a place where enchants Old Town, which combines fabulous cobbled streets, palaces, museums, castles, bustling harbor and plenty of tasty traditional taverns. Eclectic architecture delights.
  • On the island of Rhodes, the Old Town is nothing but a living museum, where the majestic Palace of the Grand Masters, the Knight Street and numerous mosques and baths bring to mind the ancient, extraordinary times.
  • Patmos Island will captivate us with the St John Cluster, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is here that the famous apocalyptic book of the New Testament was founded.
  • Also registered in the UNESCO list is another beautiful Renaissance Monastery Nea Moni on Hios which is known for its unique gold mosaic. This place revolves lots of extraordinary legends that are worth exploring.
  • On Samos Island, which is known as a lively holiday resort, you can see the remarkable Pythagoreio and Heraion with the rich mythology associated with the Greek goddess Hera.
  • Aegina is an island famous for its beautiful temple of the Greek goddess of fertility – Aphaia, which majestically stands over the resort of Agia Marina.
  • Worth visiting is also the second largest Greek island – Evvia, which combines the Sicilian, Macedonian, Venetian and Turkish roots with a rich architectural heritage that fascinates.

Experiences that will remain in the memory

The House of Cleopatra, Delos island, Greece

Fantastic visit to the Greek islands will become even more beautiful when we use some of the attractions. Here’s what’s worth to do during the trip:

  • Visiting the Greek islands you can fall in love with the sunsets. Especially phenomenal, they are in Oia or Imerovigli on Santorini.
  • Diving is undoubtedly the most entertaining of the water sports in this part of the world. A fabulously colorful underwater world full of unique wonders of nature delights. Dive courses are available in many places among the islands.
  • Ride on a scooter would be an attractive alternative for those who prefer to spend time on the water’s surface. The Wind in the hair and unusual smell of the sea delight. After water madness, you can warm up blissfully on the beach.
  • Get to know more about Greek culture – rich folklore, music, delicacies, fascinating ruins and dramatic, but so inspired Greek mythology will allow you to travel in time.
  • Give yourself a little respite from everyday life and spend time actively while hiking in the wild valley or go to Kalymnos where you can practice your climbing skills. The blue caves of  or the magical Butterfly Valley of Rhodes are also interesting places to explore.

Tastes that will bring back memories from Greek holidays

Zakynthos island, Greece

The flavors of Greece are one of the reasons why you should be tempted to catch a flight to the islands. Greek specialties are famous all over the world and tasted the traditional dishes with a glass of ouzo are indescribable. Being on the islands is worth trying at least a few delicacies:

  • An essential element of Greek meals are delicious dips, so be sure to try the tzatziki, melitzanosalata, fava and tasty taramasalata. A creamy blend of savory ingredients blends well with all traditional dishes.
  • Olive oil and rosemary delight aromas and give Greek delicacies their unique style. Being in the traditional taverns always savor their products, including olive oil.
  • Enjoy dishes with vine leaves – tasty dishes with added rice and plenty of herbs or pine nuts are good.
  • Being in Greece, you have to try the moussaka – this is a mandatory meal for each guest of Greece. Full of eggplants, meat, tomatoes, onions, spices and potato slices is insane covered with fluffy bechamel.
  • Grilled meats are an essential element of Greek cuisine, and dishes such as souvlaki, dominate in local tavernas. Served are different types like lamb, pork or goat.
  • Since we are at the seaside, a prominent Greek flavor is also fish, octopus, and calamari, whose richness delights. Fried in the oil with a touch of lemon is unusual.
  • You can not also forget about the excellent fresh cheeses that can be tasted in the form of starters and numerous dishes.
  • For dessert, you can not miss the honey and baklava – sweets lovers will be delighted!

When you travel to the Greek islands, you should also remember:

  • the best flavors can be found in the local restaurateurs, who are serving the residents, not just tourists
  • it is also good to ask for a plate of mezédes (snacks) that are inexpensive and will allow you to taste a variety of specialties for a small fee
  • for a drink in taverns is best to choose a glass of wine, because beer and cocktails are not the cheapest – beer costs € 4.50 – 6, cocktails € 7 – € 8.5
  • micro ýpno (siesta, 15: 00-17: 00) is a legally prescribed peace so at that time we relax together with the Greeks!
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