Hiking in Italy: The top 8 Italian hiking trails

Fabulous views, fresh air, and extraordinary adventure make the hiking getaway into the mountains an unforgettable one. Many of us think about the flight to Italy imagining wonderful cities or delicious pasta, but as it turns out this beautiful nook is the perfect place for hiking. From the Dolomites on the north, by the amazing routes on the coasts to the active volcanoes in the south of Italy, this stunning country offers excellent places where you can indulge in full beloved activity.

Meet the eight most exciting places to wander through Italy!

Abruzzo – Pearl of the Apennines

Abruzzo - Pearl of the Apennines

The Apennines are the Italian mountain range, which is often forgotten, and its a pity. Leading from the pass Cadioba in the northwest, straight to the Reggio Calabria on the length of over 1200 km is a phenomenal place that begs for discovery. The fabulous region of Abruzzo is ideal for hiking, and the highest peak of the mountains – Corno Grande (“Big Horn”) at 2,192 meters above sea level, offers breathtaking views of the Apennines and the distant Adriatic Sea.

Sentiero Degli Dei – the perfect way to explore the Amalfi coast

Sentiero Degli Dei - the perfect way to explore the Amalfi coast

The mountainous coast combined with phenomenal lemon groves and Mediterranean vegetation makes hiking in this region is a unique experience. Amalfi is not the most crowded by tourists location in Italy, so it is the perfect place for relaxing walks on the trail and peacefully admiring the fantastic views of the mountain Lattari, from which you can see even the distant island of Capri!

Stromboli – emotions at the top of the volcano


The opportunity to climb to the top of the volcano is a real experience that without a doubt raises the adrenaline. Fabulous tour to the active volcano of Stromboli, lying on the island of the same name lets you experience real adventure. The steep paths, the enchanting nature and lunar landscape at the top of the volcano are unique. The view from the top shows the fabulous landscape of islands and the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s best to go there with a guide for a spectacular sunset.

Cinque Terre – an unusual route and excellent wine

Cinque Terre - an unusual route and excellent wine

Cinque Terre is one of the most famous places in Italy that are between the mountains and the sea. Located in Liguria, it delights with the rocky trail along the five fishing villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso, which enjoy with stunning sea views. This 12 km long route is not the only attraction because going inland you can taste the finest wines from local vineyards.

The Dolomites and rocky triad Tre Cime di Lavaredo

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Among the best places for mountain hiking in Italy, we can not forget to mention the Dolomites. Those located in the north-eastern part of the country hills are full of parks and nature reserves, and they cover the area of Belluno, South Tyrol, and Trentino. Among the most interesting hiking trails in the Dolomites should distinguish loop Tre Cime di Lavaredo, which impresses with its spectacular views and easy, even for beginners route with a length of 9.5 km.

Italian Lakes – the beauty of nature at your fingertips

Italian Lakes – the beauty of nature at your fingertips

Maggiore, Garda, Como and Iseo are spectacular lakes that delight. Surrounded by the snow-covered Alps allow everyone – from beginners to very demanding mountaineers to indulge in pleasures of hiking. Panoramic landscapes here are breathtaking.

Via Degli Dei – the divine path

Via Degli Dei – the divine path

This unusual route from Bologna to Florencia is a fantastic opportunity to hike through amazing places full of rich Italian culture and amazing flavors. The route formerly used by merchants and the Roman army allows you to see the extraordinary woods and panoramic ridges of the mountains as well as the phenomenal valleys.

Monte Bianco – a great expedition for mountaineers

Via Degli Dei – the divine path

The Aosta Valley, located in the Western Alps in northwestern Italy, is a great location for climbers for which undoubtedly attractive is Monte Bianco and slightly smaller Monte Cervino, Monte Rosa and the Gran Paradiso. Acquiring Monte Bianco, which is 4,810 meters high, is one of the hiking classics in Europe, so anyone who dreams of a great expedition will not be disappointed. Along the way, you can also visit Switzerland and France!

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