How to spend five days in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is an extraordinary kaleidoscope of cultures, where together with the British colonial past are connected remarkable traditions of Chinese and Cantonese cultures, with Mandarin accents. Flight to this dynamic and incredibly lively metropolis is the perfect choice for those who love unusual places that are both friendly and contrary to appearances, very harmonious.

The magic of Hong Kong is not only its multiculturality but above all, a great variety of attractions. This unique multi-city flight destination is a paradise for shopping freaks, gourmets of both Asian and Western cuisine, the colorful nightlife as well as families with children.

Magical nooks of Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a tradition and modernity, which offers countless things to do and see. Among the most interesting sights that are worth to put in a plan of sightseeing during the trip are:

  • A trip on Star Ferry is the absolute number one during the first visit in this extraordinary city. This is the most scenic way to get to the Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island. The most beautiful city skyline can be seen especially at night when it illuminates a million lights. The ferry ride costs about 2 – 3$ HKD (£0.25).
  • Victoria Peak is one of the most popular tourist attractions – you can see here entrancing size of the city. Reaching the place, for the Peak Tower at Apex Mountain is in itself an adventure ride thanks to a red tram, which runs here since 1888!
  • At Kowloon, you need to see the fabulous Avenue of the Stars with a view of the forest of skyscrapers on the background hills of Hong Kong Island. Necessarily take a picture with the statue of Bruce Lee and walk in the footsteps of handprints of movie stars.
  • A beautiful place is the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas to which you have to climb the stairs to the top of the hill. With a little luck, you can meet here funny monkeys!
  • Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin – is another phenomenal Taoist temple dedicated to the god Wong, which became a place of worship of the three religions: Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Here you can seek the advice of a soothsayer.
  • An excellent idea is also a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History, where you can see amazing exhibits. A famous attraction is the Great Buddha – reportedly the world’s largest Buddha statue in the open air – is up to 34 meters high and weighs over 250 tons!
  • For lovers of curiosities and intriguing places Soho is perfect – there are reportedly the longest moving stairs in the world! This site captures the European atmosphere thrown in Asian development, a lot of colonial remnants, cafes, bars, and restaurants all over the world.
  • In the vicinity of the town, you can visit Stanley – holiday village with a remarkable climate, the fishing village of Tai O, or go trekking in the green hills and beaches of the island, where the 50-kilometer route passes through 5 landscape parks.
  • Nightlife tastes best in Lan Kwai Fong, with children you must visit the Disneyland and Ocean Park, and shopping enthusiasts can indulge in their passion in the various flea markets!

The flavors of Hong Kong

Dim Sum, Hong Kong - cheapest flights

The fans of tastes and aromas probably will discover here, lots of good things. Hong Kong is home to almost 10,000 restaurants that offer cuisine of Chinese, Cantonese, and Mandarin with a hint of Europe. Treats are prepared here only with fresh ingredients, often using sophisticated methods of cooking. The aromas are subtle and balanced through restraint of spices. Being in this corner of China, enjoy:

  • Dim sum – dish-like dumplings, literally means “touch the heart” and is undoubtedly the most distinctive in the local cuisine.
  • Culinary classics are also ha Gao – noodles with minced shrimps or tsa Siu Bao – grilled pork sweet and spicy.
  • Tasting Hong Kong should reach for Yin Yeung, refreshing mixture combining two types of tea and coffee, a bitter taste reminiscent of the colonial past of the city. For the addition of sweetness, a drink is spiced with spices and chocolate.
  • Noteworthy are also the sweet soups as Tong Sui (from Cantonese) based on seeds and root vegetables and sugar. Black sesame seeds, walnuts, and almonds ground create tasty gruel.
  • A traditional dish is also Hotpot – dish in the style of fondue, where delicious morsels of fresh seafood, meat and vegetables are soaked in broth.
  • Seafood and fish are undoubtedly an essential element of the kitchen so that you can taste them here in various forms with the addition of soy sauce and chili.
  • Wonton noodles are a complement to any meal and enriched with seafood, meat, vegetables, and spices are delicious.

A handful of tips that will facilitate the conquest of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China - flights

Upon arrival to this fabulous metropolis, you may feel dizzy. The colors, the lights, the buzz, and bustle, may be shocking, but after a closer look, it is impossible not fall in love with this place. Being here remember:

  • Around the city it is convenient to travel by subway or buses – double decker buses or mini buses are a great attraction. Remarkable are characteristic of the Hong Kong the narrow wooden trams which run around the island.
  • After the flight, you should purchase a map of the city, which marked the most important attractions and metro stations. At the airport, they are free, and they will be an invaluable help during the tour of the city.
  • Hong Kong is a place where continuously something is going – dragon boat races, Lantern Festival, Buddha’s birthday, horse racing, the International Film Festival, so before the flight, find out what events are currently taking place so that you can join them!
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