India – a dream place you’ve never seen before

Indian culture - flight

India is one of the most exciting, colorful, wacky and spiritual at the same time country in the world. It’s a place that works for all the senses and surprises at every step!

Cheap flight to India is an opportunity for the journey of a lifetime that will delight the richness and diversity of culture, beautiful temples, sculpture, paintings, people and culinary.

The magic of Indian land …

Varanasi, India - multi city flight

In India lives a billion people who are just like the variety of spices, it is a place that captivates beautiful areas, so it is truly a lot to see in here. Flights to Delhi from London, you can catch now for £275! You can visit here, first and foremost:

  • You can not go to India and not see the amazing wonder of the world which is the Taj Mahal – built by the ruler Shah Jahan temple, designed to commemorate his beloved wife makes a big impression!
  • Bombay is another gem on the list of places in India that are worth visiting – the capital of Bollywood and the largest slums in the world, hides treasures such as Dadar market.
  • For those looking for spiritual experience, a great place worthy of attention is the holy city of Varanasi – it’s here, on the banks of the Ganges, you can see the burning bodies of the dead.
  • The Romantics fall in love again in Udaipur – where the Mughal architecture, a wealth of colorful fabrics and delicious north Indian cuisine, enrich the trip for two.
  • To go on a trip with camels, worth visiting in Rajasthan in the Golden City Jaisalmer wafting on the majestic sands of the Thar Desert.
  • For those who love hiking will enjoy the Ladakh – here high passes will introduce the world of Himalayan corners. Ideally go here on an overnight camping trip to Pangong Lake, to see the crystal blue waters hidden among the mountains.
  • Nature lovers will be amazed of Hampi – where green fields and palm groves allow you to feel the closeness to nature.
  • Cruise along the tree-lined backwaters of Kerala on a barge is an experience that will be long remembered!
  • At the end of a leisurely trip, enjoy Goa. This former Portuguese colony is a joyful city, the sun, the sea and seafood, enriched relax and allow to rest.

A culinary treat for the seekers of new tastes!

spices, India - cheap flights

Multi city flight to India is not just sightseeing, but also a culinary journey! Indian cuisine is a combination of colors, flavors, spices and unique way of preparing food. A multitude of different cultures made the food there stimulates the senses and is based on natural ingredients.

  • Indian dishes are aromatic spices like ginger, garlic, and black cumin. In the south of the country in Madurai and Bangalore is dominated by vegetarian dishes based on beans and leguminous plants.
  • In the north, near New Delhi, rice and bread are the bases for almost all meals. The most famous dish here is the curry – meat stewed with spices and vegetables.
  • Drink popular in northern India is a lassi – based on yogurt with salt, sugar, and fruit.
  • The most important ingredient of Indian cuisine is masala, an additive available in every eatery in Mumbai or Goa. Masala Dosa and Big Papas Masala can be bought even for 7-12 rupees (5 -10 pence)
  • For dessert, you can get in India, fried bananas, and the first beverage of Hindu cuisine is distinct tea – strong, sweet and with milk and ginger.

Worth to remember while traveling to India

Taj Mahal, India - cheap flight

Traveling to India can be a real culture shock, especially if you’re going there for the first time. However, the flight to this very stunning country can be an unforgettable experience in a positive way. Meet a few tips that will make it an easier trip:

  • Plan your visit as much as possible – India is a vast, colorful and captivating country – select a few places, and keep it up – you can not see everything in one short trip.
  • Do not focus only on the major cities – the real India you will find in smaller towns, where you can enjoy the hospitality of their inhabitants.
  • Be careful what you eat and drink – not accustomed to the exotic culinary stomach, can disrupt the trip. Try to put on fresh fruit and boiled or fried meals – avoid salads.
  • Crowds, crowds, and crowds once again – do not be surprised that when traveling by bus or elevator, you will feel like a sardine in a can – remember that the local culture is completely different, and the boundaries of personal space, here are slightly shifted.
  • Remember the applicable clothes – cover the hands and feet, in places of worship, remove shoes before entering someone’s home, etc.
  • Habits – do not touch anything your feet and do not eat with your left hand – but if this happens, apologize. Being on the spot carefully watch out for local customs, because their observance is an expression of respect for the culture and people.
  • Time in India is a relative term – sometimes instead of waiting five minutes, you can wait at least an hour. Many places like shops or offices, also have a break in the afternoon.
  • Remember about the safety – dark streets and crowded markets are places where you have to watch out for pickpockets and other risks.
  • Get ready for the noise – bicycles, rickshaws, traders, trumpeting cars are here every day.
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