Malmö – Sweden’s happiest city

Sweden, Malmoe - multiple flights

Are you looking for a spot where you can fight your winter solstice? If so, Malmö is the place to be. With 60 % of its residents claiming to be very satisfied with life in this city, it became 7th happiest city in Europe. Find out why.

Early spring

The main reason why you should visit Malmö is an early spring. If you’re tired of never ending winter, pack your bags and after a short cheap flight sit down and enjoy the first warm wind at the Ribersborg beach – a very popular spot in Sweden this time of the year.

Excellent local food

With three restaurants awarded a Michelin star Malmö became one of the most important culinary scene in Sweden. Remember not to miss delicious falafel rolls, a local delicacy which you’ll love and not spend a fortune on.

Eco-friendly and fair

Malmö is the first fair trade city in Sweden. You can also find there a lot of organic food shops and markets with ecological fruits and vegetables. What’s more, Malmö is claimed to be the sixth most bike-friendly city. You can take a ride along multiple cycle lanes and enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place.

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