Multi City: Barcelona to Bergamo, Gdansk, Charleroi and Skopje from £77

Multi City: Barcelona to Bergamo, Gdansk, Charleroi and Skopje

Barcelona is an extraordinary place full of sunshine and joy that make it impossible not to smile! It is, therefore, a city which should embark an unforgettable adventure in the amazing European cities, which are so different and yet so intriguing and inviting that you need to visit them. Meet the perfect plan for multi city flights for £77 on the route from Barcelona to Bergamo, Gdańsk, Charleroi, and Skopje!

First multi city stop – Italian adventure in Bergamo

Bergamo, Italy

About Bergamo, we can talk a lot – its extraordinary history, fabulous scenery, amazing culture, and music make it like a work of art. Extremely Venetian walls, the location on top of a hill attracts with a fantastic aura. Arriving here for a moment, you can fall in love with an unforgettable atmosphere, while enjoying walks along the historic streets, visiting the phenomenal churches, climbing to Hills Park full of lush vegetation and admiring views of the plateaus and mountains, you can forget about the whole world.

If you love sightseeing, be sure to visit Bergamo Donizettiano Museum – dedicated to one of the most talented opera composers in the world, or enjoy the masterpieces of Botticelli, Mantegna, Bellini, and Raphael at the Accademia Carrara Picture Gallery. Bergamo is also a wealth of cobbled alleys, Roman ruins, and Renaissance architectural gems. For gourmet amateurs in Bergamo, there is also a shortage of local Italian delicacies, and cozy accommodation is available for around £19.

Second multi way flight – a unique harbor Gdańsk

Gdansk, Poland - cheap flight

Gdańsk is a unique atmosphere, which makes it the fascinating city in Poland. This fabulous port city, full of spectacular architecture of the united nations has been developed thanks to wealthy merchants, who came here from different parts of the world. Every year millions of tourists visit it seduced by its narrow, cobbled streets of the Main Town, the stunning red-brick churches, beautiful boulevards, elegant buildings, museums, cafes and charming shops with amber.

The rich maritime history and turbulent past of the city make it like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a place full of new energy, numerous attractions, and a pleasant atmosphere. The Baltic Sea and its extraordinary aura, as well as the cozy beer pubs, make the stay here special and the accommodation can be found for as little as £10.

Third multi city flight – Belgian quiet corner of Charleroi

Charleroi, Belgium - multi city flights

Charleroi is a city often overlooked on the tourist routes, which is a pity. This town is a quintessential Belgian idyll, so if you are looking for intense experiences, then this is not the place for you. By visiting Charleroi, you can enjoy peace and enjoyment, as well as the proximity of art and culture found in numerous museums such as the Jules Destree Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts – full of works of art from prestigious schools of the city, the Museum of Photography or the Museum of Glass.

While walking around the city, visit the Town Hall, which is one of the most charming buildings combining Classical and Art Deco architecture, as well as touching Bois du Cazier – a museum dedicated to mining technology and the crash of 1956, which took place in Charleroi. For the thrill of excitement, visit the highest aerodynamic tunnel in Europe and taste the skydiving. Accommodation in Charleroi is an average cost of £20.

Last multiple flight stop – Balkan soul of Macedonian Skopje

Skopje, Macedonia

Macedonian capital of Skopje is a city of tradition, but with a modern approach. Full of beautiful cultural and historical monuments, amazing natural surroundings in the form of caves in the canyon of the Treska River and Lake Mother, as well as spas in the eastern part of the city, makes the city is increasingly attracted by tourists from all over the world.

Beautiful waterfront of the Vardar River and the narrow streets of the Old Bazaar – the largest surviving till today in the Balkans, create a pleasant atmosphere of its uniqueness. Skopje is also a city of religious worship – it was here that Mother Teresa came to the world. In Skopje, you can admire the 1,500-year-old fortress of Kale and the monastery of Sts. Pantelejmon with the fresco of “Weeping of Christ,” and the Islamic monuments of Sultan Murat’s – Hjunkar Mosque. Daut Pasha’s bath is also a great option. Accommodation in Skopje will cost an average of £13.

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