Multi City: Castellon de la Plana, Sofia and Cologne from £63

Dublin to Spain, Germany and Bulgaria multi city

The dream of traveling does not have to be postponed for unspecified later! Multi-city flights are in fact an excellent opportunity for cheap and extremely varied trips around Europe. Therefore, if you fancy about a couple of days full of exciting experiences, seeing unique places and at the same cheap, see our itinerary! Book multiple destinations flights to Castellon de la Plana in Spain, the Bulgarian Sofia and Cologne in Germany in one fell swoop!

Dublin to the stunning coastline Castellón de la Plana

Valencia, Spain - cheap flights

This located in the north of Valencia, in eastern Spain town is a fabulous place to start a few days expedition around Europe. The beaches and coves delight, and the volcanic archipelago of Islas Columbretes is an excellent marine reserve, which is worth seeing.

Castellón de la Plana is situated in the mountainous scenery in the nearby towns such as Morella or Segorbe. In this gorgeous city takes place also plenty of famous music festivals like Benicàssim. Gourmets can enjoy senses with the tasty Mediterranean cuisine, with local delight – paellas and juicy oranges. Accommodation in Castellón de la Plana is a cost of £40.

Castellón de la Plana to the colourful Sofia in Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria - flight

Sofia is the perfect destination for a multi-city flight, as this beautiful corner, is a wealth of monuments, charming cafes, and a fantastic atmosphere.

This beautiful city is famous for its excellent street arts, so be sure to visit it on foot. Impressive churches and monumental buildings as the Alexander Nevski Cathedral or Chruch Sveta Sofia are captivating. The worth of note is the complex of Largo National Palace of Culture and the National Assembly – Bulgarian Parliament. Those who prefer relaxation, appreciate the numerous green parks, in particular, Borisova Gradina, in which you can find a lake and many impressive sculptures. Worth seeing are the Vitosha mountains, located on the outskirts of Sofia, which offer numerous attractions such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking or winter sports. Hotel prices in Sofia are not high, and you can find the rooms below £35.

Sofia to the magic of the oldest city in Germany – Cologne

Germany, Cologne - flight deals

Cologne is a city full of cultural and historical treasures, world-famous museums and active art scene. A visit to Cologne is a journey through 2,000 years of history, which include cultural monuments from the Roman Empire to modern times.

This majestic city is also the Cathedral, considered a masterpiece of medieval Gothic architecture, called the most beautiful sacred building in the world. Here you can visit the many museums and galleries known throughout the world, including the Roman-Germanic Museum, which features a collection of glass mosaic of Dionysus and the famous tomb of the Poblicius. Located on the River Rhine Cologne impresses the Old Town. The cozy hotel rooms can be found here now for £30.

This exciting itinerary is an excellent idea to travel around Europe at a very bargain price! Four multi-way flights fr0m Dublin will cost from £60.
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