Multi City: Explore Italy, Germany and Spain for £60

Travels through Europe is the opportunity to discover unusual places, met amazing people and to see magical sites which delight. If you dream of visiting several places in one trip, ideally will prove themselves multi-city flights that will realize your dream itinerary. Below, we show a sample nine days plan on a journey through Europe, and its approximate costs!

Multi way flight from London to Italian Bergamo

Italian Bergamo - multi city flight

The flight from London to Bergamo is a perfect start to the wonderful trip. This small and incredibly charming town at the foot of the Alps is divided into two parts Citta Alta (upper, old town) and the Citta Bassa (lower town). The higher part of the city impresses with its historical monuments in the medieval climate and modernity is reflecting in the lower part.

Bergamo is a friendly town, less crowded than others and incredibly charming. The narrow streets of the old town, various Trattorie, and lovely views are an excellent way to relax. Ideally, it is to travel around the city by bus or one of two queues, and a day bus ticket costs just 5 euros. It is worth to visit the Gombito Via and Via Colleoni, where numerous market stalls and eateries full of goodies, encourage to a visit. Lovers of historical spots should look at the Piazza Vecchia, which combines medieval architecture, with the Renaissance, enchanting with fountain, the white palace, chapel, church, cloisters and the tower. The accommodation here, an average costs about £30.

Multi city fight from Bergamo to the stylish Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany - multi city flights

Hamburg is the Pearl of the North – full of greenery, located above the water, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. His incredible atmosphere and seaside charm make everyone who visits it, is charmed. Elbe, Alster, HafenCity district, District of Granaries (Speicherstadt), Fish Market (Fischmarkt), or the Reeperbahn – every day one can discover, experience and enjoy something new.

Flight to Hamburg is an opportunity to experience an extraordinary adventure. Unique attractions, art from the top shelf, world-renowned musicals, plays, numerous historical monuments and exciting nightlife make everyone will find something for themselves. Hamburg is a young city that is also modern, friendly and cosmopolitan, which is also the full of contrasts. An example is colorful and at the same time the poorest district of St. Pauli with Reeperbahn, the most sinful mile in the world. Cheap accommodation can be found here for the trifling £10!

Multi stop flight from Hamburg to Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca, Spain - multiple flights

Wooded with palm trees promenade, breathtaking views, fabulous restaurants, great works of art and nightlife, are the attractions that await visitors to the Palma de Mallorca. This beautiful capital of Mallorca is a multi-cultural treasure that is worth a visit.

Sandy beaches like Cala Major, with the shimmering sand on a stretch of about 250 meters, it’s a dream come true for the lazy and water sports enthusiasts. This is the place where rests the Spanish royal family. Not far from it, there is the center of the city with an excellent art museum Fundació Pilar and Joan Miro. It is worth to visit also Playa de Palma, Passeig des Born, as well as Palma Cathedral located at the heart of the old town is a charming market Llotja. Hotel prices start here from £17.

This multi-city itinerary for nine days will cost from £60 for all flights, where the total cost of the trip with the accommodation expenses is about £240!

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