Multi City Flights: Chicago, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale from 320$

Traveling within multi-city flights is not only a substantial saving but above all great fun of traveling and the opportunity to explore interesting corners closer. If you dream about to break out for a while with the New York metropolis and visit some interesting places, booking several flights for an incredible journey will hit the spot!

Therefore, we present an interesting route of the expedition, through which you can visit Chicago, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, and four flights are already cost £ 146!

Multi way flight from New York to the city of gangsters – Chicago

Chicago, The USA - multi city flights

Chicago is a city of Al Capone, so if you dream of an unforgettable sentimental journey in a gangster style, it is the perfect place. There’s no denying that the climate places like Schaller’s Pump will allow for some moving in time. For those who love to relax by the water, excursion to Lake Michigan would be a great idea, and at Navy Pier, you can see the unique view of the city.

Flight to Chicago is an opportunity to reach for the clouds, and a visit to the Sears Tower, where on the 103 floor you can see the panorama of the city, is a must trip. Music lovers in Chicago can get to know the scene of jazz and blues, and clubs in the style of Green Mill attracts with live concerts. Sports fans can go crazy in the stands and pick up basketball games (Bulls), American football (Bears), hockey (Blackhawks), football (Fire) or two baseball teams: the Cubs and White Sox. Overnight in Chicago is the average cost of $25.

Multi stop flight from Chicago to “The Beautifull City” – Orlando

Orlando, The USA - multi city flight

Orlando is one of the most attractive cities in Florida and not without reason, is called “The Beautifull City.” This flight destination is where comes from the team Orlando Magic, and where began his career, among others, great Shaquille O’Neil! The city is surrounded by numerous lakes, making it an ideal place for water attractions. The most iconic symbol of the city is a fountain in a Lake Eola Park, which is located in the middle of the lake.

Orlando in its early days was the fort, so today we can see the ruins of its former glory, so it is a place of beautiful history and numerous monuments with the old building of the Orlando High School at the helm. In Orlando is located the world famous Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, which is why it is ideal for those who dream of spending time with the favorite characters from fairy tales and movies. Fans of reptiles should look to Gatorland and aficionados of sea creatures must visit the amazing Sea World. Accommodations in Orlando are available from $42.

Multi trip flight from Orlando to the “Venice of America” – Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale - multiple flights

Located on the east side of Florida Fort Lauderdale is an interesting variation in multi-city flight travel after the climatic Chicago and fabulous Orlando. In this city, you can indulge the shopping spree in one of the largest shopping centers in the US – Collonade Fort Lauderdale. Reportedly are held here shopping trips coming here from other countries such as Brazil!

The city is also rich in wonderful beaches, beautiful streets and the port where you can see ships of millionaires, not only from the United States. Fort Lauderdale is sometimes called the “Venice of America” due to the numerous canals, a network of which has 300 miles! The city is also the capital of the world yachting and the annual International Boat Show, collects thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Hotel prices are not exorbitant, and a double room can be found for $40.

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