Multi City Flights: Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, Sibu, Kuching and Penang

Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city – the capital of Malaysia, which impresses with its gleaming skyscrapers, majestic colonial architecture, wonderful locals and fabulous nature. However, if you dream about an extraordinary expedition, which will let you discover new places, you might want to bet on multi city flight from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, followed by Sibu, Kuching, and Penang for just £ 76? Here are some reasons why it is worth to book your airline tickets today!

Multi city flight from Kuala Lumpur to newly rediscovered Johor Bahru

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The first unusual stop on the multi city flights tour is Johor Bahru. This cross-border town, from chaotic and neglected, has become a metamorphosis, that is a noteworthy corner of Malaysia. It is the metropolis which can surprise with interesting museums such as the Mini Kuso Trick Art Gallery and the Chinese Heritage Museum, temples and mosques, as well as fabulous fairs and numerous events that regularly are organized throughout the city. Johor Bahru will also appeal to the youngest tourists, as it is home to the famous Legoland and the extraordinary Johor ZOO.

The city connected by two bridges to Singapore is an ideal place for anyone who likes intriguing cultural connections. If you love nature, you must visit here to the nearby Pulai Waterfall – a jungle waterfall, and in the evenings you will enjoy the fabulous view of the harbor – Puteri Harbor. Accommodation in Johor Bahru cost from about $15.

Multiple flight from Johor Bahru to the most Chinese city of Sarawak – Sibu

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This unusual location for tourists is a perfect place to spend a few days on a boat expeditions. The incredible history of the city and its unique inhabitants make it possible to feel the actual Chinese climate here – the residents provide a plethora of Chinese attractions for tourists arriving in these parts of Malaysia. This small, but very charming town encourages compelling circumstances of nature.

In the town itself, you can visit the Chinese temple of the pagoda, the village on the water and the oldest part of Sibu, which has a unique climate. In the vicinity of Sibu is the largest concentration of longhouses, but tourists rather do not visit these areas. Accommodation in this charming town costs about $22.

Multi way flight from Sibu to the sophisticated Kuching

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Kuching is one of the most interesting and famous cities of Borneo, which impresses with its kaleidoscope of cultures, crafts, and excellent Asian cuisine. Streets that bustle with life, modern or more colonial corners of the city, as well as the phenomenal Chinese temples adorned with dragons, make the journey will stay for long in your memories. Strolling through the marketplaces, you can find at least a half a dozen of different Asian cuisines, while the nearby nature parks encourage long expeditions with your family or friends. Nearby of the city, you can find orangutans in Bako National Park.

Numerous phenomenal natural attractions, rich history, as well as the unusual combination of the old and new world makes this mosaic divided by the Sarawak River city enchants and amazes at every turn. Spending a few days here, you will find accommodation from $12!

Multi stop flight from Kuching to the exotic microcosm Penang

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There is probably no other, more beautiful and more unique microcosm of nature and culture than this one in Penang. This is one of the most diverse parts of Malaysia where you’ll be delighted basically with everything. Known as the pearl of the orient Penang is an island otherwise known as the Prince of Wales island. It is steeped in stories of amazing cultures and has a remarkable atmosphere. Being here it is a must to visit the stylish Georgetown and see amazing palace – the Blue Mansion that belongs to the richest and the world-famous merchant Last Mandarin.

This is a place created for seafood lovers, and in the vicinity, you can visit the national park Taman Negara, the last resort of wildlife on Penang. Among the monuments of the island, impresses the fabulous temple Kok Lee See. Interestingly, here you can find some of the cheapest accommodations on this trip because they are already available from $7!

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