Multi City Flights: Warsaw to Rome, Marrakech, Madrid and Stockholm from £165

Multi City Flights: Warsaw to Rome, Marrakech, Madrid and Stockholm

Warsaw is the perfect place to start an amazing multi-city trip. An extraordinary expedition combining ancient and majestic Rome, exotic and colorful Marrakech, delicious and fragrant with coffee and ham Madrid and a charming floating city – Stockholm, will make it an unforgettable time. The combination of these magical sites in one journey can be the cost of flights for the price of only £165!

Multi city flight from Warsaw to the “eternal city” – Rome

Multi city flight from Warsaw to the “eternal city” – Rome

Rome is a beautiful city, with many contrasts and vibrant life. The eclectic combination of the religious world, the fabulous ruins of the great times of the Roman Empire, and modernity make it unbelievable. Romanesque sights, museums, phenomenal buildings, majestic churches and basilicas, mysterious catacombs and castles, and unique fountains all over the city make it possible for you to discover something new every time you are here.

Rome is also a fabulous Italian cuisine – its flavors not without reason delight people all over the world. When coming to Rome for the first time, it is a must to visit the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum and then walk down the charming streets to the Fontana di Trevi, while enjoying the best ice creams. Accommodation in Rome can be found from £8.5.

Multi way route from Rome to the African breath – Marrakech

Multi way route from Rome to the African breath – Marrakech

This remarkable Red Town on the edge of the Sahara is the pearl of Morocco, appreciated by the World Heritage Organization – UNESCO. Marrakech is a majestic place full of rich history and striking architecture, but also the bustling life, modern entrepreneurship, stunning shows of snakes charmers, acrobats, fantastic outdoor dining areas in Djemaa el-Fna square and the delightful art of henna tattoo performances. Unexpected beauty and open-minded residents make your stay here special.

Marrakech is a combination of the old and new world, where flavors, breathtaking views, and unearthly sunsets make the memories from here will live for long. Walking around the city and shopping at the largest market in the whole of Africa – Jemaa el Fna, make the journey will bring a lot of unique souvenirs. Accommodations in this magical place can be found from £7.

Multi stop expedition from Marrakech to the capital of Spain – Madrid

Multi stop expedition from Marrakech to the capital of Spain – Madrid

Madrid is a charming Spanish city in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, where everyone will find something for themselves. The magnificent Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, the Del Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen museums fascinate and delight in the architecture and the refined and colorful art of famous Spanish artists. This phenomenal capital of Spain is also a place full of entertainment, concerts, flea markets, parades and many other attractions.

Football enthusiasts will certainly be delighted to have a close encounter with the royal team of Real Madrid. Connoisseurs of Spanish cuisine delight themselves in taste callos (tripe) and cocido madrileño – stew with peas, vegetables, and meats, as well as the long maturing hams and aromatic coffeee. Hotels in Madrid are already available from £8,5.

The last flight with multiple stops located on the islands – Stockholm

The last stop in the multi-city flight trip – located on the islands Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which largely owes its magical location in the place where the lake connects with the sea, and the city grows on fourteen islands. The blue waters, neighbouring archipelagos and the abundance of greenery in every corner of the city make it one of the most ecologically clean cities. Among the attractions, you can count here on the phenomenal architecture of castles, medieval old town, plenty of museums and galleries and charming streets.

Arriving here, you can give in the madness of the nightlife because Stockholm is famous for its numerous bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs. Best Swedish flavors that will make your stay in this fabulous city delight are meatballs and herring. You do not have to worry as well about accommodation which is a cost as little as £9.

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