Multi City from Riga to Bergamo, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Bari

Riga is a dream location for the start of a multicultural journey. This attractive Baltic See metropolis is combining remarkable and timeless tradition and modernity that makes it is surprising in many ways city – also regarding the bargain prices of flights which you can catch from Riga to Bergamo, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Bari and back for as little as £65!

The first stop on the route – the picturesque and fragrant with polenta e osei Bergamo

A picturesque and fragrant with polenta e osei Bergamo

Its located in the eastern Lombardy Italy town is a piece of the wealth of medieval art, as well as Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The old fairytale town is reminiscent of an extraordinary history, and tall buildings, richly decorated church buildings, common frescoes, and decorations are captivating and moving in time.

Here you can feel a real Italy, and in the narrow cobbled streets between houses, small shops with local specialties like dessert with polenta – polenta e osei and the aroma of coffee and garlic from local cafes will make you fall in love in it madly. Breathtaking views of the southern plains, the ancient summit of Città Alta (Upper Town) and the tangle of tiny medieval streets, encompassing 5 km of Venetian walls enchants at every turn. Accommodation in this charming town is about £12 / night!

Bucharest – a remarkable second stop in the capital of Romania

Bucharest – a remarkable second stop in the capital of Romania

This incredible capital is a dynamic, energetic and full of unique atmosphere metropolis, which combines spectral communist past with hints of modernity. The passion of the Balkans and the wondrous climate of nearby Transylvania make it a city that captivates and makes one or two days pass here fast and actively.

Astonishing museums, walking through the numerous green parks, the time spent in trendy cafes and visiting modern and full of bright buildings center or the Orthodox churches of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries make time passes amazingly. Worth noting here, are also the art nouveau villas hidden in the quiet corners of the city. And the Palace of Parliament is an impressive reminder of communism. Affordable accommodation can be found for as little £5!

The third stop on the multi-city trip – the capital of Transylvania Cluj-Napoca

The capital of Transylvania Cluj-Napoca

After a closer look at Romania’s climate in Bucharest, it is impossible to leave this amazing country without one more visit – especially the capital of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. Located not far from the river Somesul Mic city is strongly associated with the legend of Count Dracula, which was promoted the novel of Bram Stoker. This local hero lived here for many years before and was the Romanian province governor “Vlad the Impaler”, Vallachia ruler, who was born in Sighisoara – located not far from the historic town of Cluj-Napoca.

The city is one of the most important academic, cultural, industrial and business centers in Romania. It is worth mentioning that in here is the most significant university in the country, the University of Babes-Bolyai University, with its famous botanical garden – which by the way is a unique place that worth a visit. Accommodation in good hotels here is available from £10 / night.

Bari – the last stop on the multi-city way

Bari, Italy - a beautiful end to a fascinating experience

Since we have started our adventure in Italy, it is worth finishing it in Italy. Bari is a beautiful end to a fascinating experience because its historic seaside atmosphere makes you feel great. Unusual Bari Vecchio – old town with dark and narrow streets, makes you can find something interesting at every step. The city is full of churches, cafes, and markets – including the excellent fish market.

A notable landmark is the Castello Svevo – an impressive castle with Norman times, as well as numerous museums. After a day of exploring, you will be amazed by the sunset over the sea, which, while walking from San Nicola’s pier to the Lungomare di Crolanza promenade, captivates and allows you to calm your senses. The accommodation at this charming corner costs around £13 / night.

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