Multi City: Visit Weeze, Palermo and Marseilles from £63

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A few days off is an excellent opportunity to fly the Europe up and down. Multi-city flights are super cheap, which undoubtedly will please all the lovers of travel escapades. Below is an interesting proposition itinerary during which within 3-4 days, you can visit the picturesque town of Weeze in Germany, aromatic Palermo in Italy and fabulous Marseille in France!

Multi City flight from London to Rhine fairy tale – Weeze

Duesseldorf, Germany - multiple flights

Deciding on a multi-city flight, the perfect beginning of the journey will be Weeze. This located on the Lower Rhine, near the Dutch border town is a beautiful corner with rich history, full of open and cosmopolitan locals.

In the Niederrhein area, you can visit the picturesque castles, captivating sights and numerous recreational, cultural and recreational sites. It’s a place where we have a chance to get to know the culture of the Netherlands and Germany, especially due to the proximity of cities like Duisburg and Krefeld (Germany), Nijmegen, Arnhem and s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands). We can admire there the numerous historical monuments and gardens and at the same taste the specialties Rhine kitchen. It’s the perfect place for a quiet getaway where among the fabulous mansions, estates, and castles, for tourists is waiting for a comfortable shelter at prices below £40.

Multi Stop flight from Weeze to the vibrant Palermo!

Palermo, Italy - multi city flight

After German Weeze, perfect enrichment of the expedition will be Palermo – a living museum of Italian culture! The warm climate and extremely hospitable people, make even one day spent here, will be unforgettable.

Worth seeing here is the Regional Archaeological Museum, which offers an overview of the history of the island. In Palermo, there are also numerous festivals and events, so each time being here, you can experience something new. Beautiful places are also the biggest Italian outdoor theater Teatro Massimo, Gallery of Modern Art and Cathedral of Palermo. You can also take part in filled with excitement match of the local football team! In Palermo, you can visit numerous fairs and try the world’s best street food of Italian cuisine, and more. Thrilling here is as well the nightlife, so is the perfect place for fans of dancing and revelries till the dawn. Accommodation can be found here even for less than £35!

Multiple flights from warm Italy to the romantic of Marseilles France

Marseilles, France - multi city flights

Marseille is a very climatic harbor town full of friendly residents of the former French colonies. Epic views you can see here in the old port Vieux Port, which is one of the most emblematic places here.

After the flight to Marseille, it is worth take a walk along the avenue La Canebière, which expresses pride, wealth, and aspirations of the colonial heritage. Surrounded by huge hotels and old tenements delights. Here you can go shopping or to the many eateries to taste local delicacies. For those who appreciate beautiful monuments, an important point during the tour of the city will be La Vieille Charité, where there are museums of Mediterranean Archaeology and Africa, Oceania and Native American art, this is the second after the Louvre as a great collection of art in France! With more time, you should also go to the island, where has been reportedly imprisoned Count of Monte Cristo. Accommodation in Marseille can be found below £30.

The cost of the four flights in four days is a small £63 plus the cost of housing!

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