Multi Stop Flights: Moscow to Barcelona, Malaga, Sandefjord and Riga from £260

Multicity itinerary from Moscow is a perfect start to an enjoyable adventure. This extraordinary capital in the heart of Russia gives us many exciting possibilities for planning the trip around Europe. An example of a dream expedition may be the following combination of flights from Moscow to colorful Barcelona, then to sunny Malaga, to the country of Vikings – Sandefjord, and ending with a visit to the charming Riga. A 12-day journey that allows us knowing all these amazing places might cost from £260 for the flights!

From Moscow to multicoloured Barcelona

From Moscow to multicoloured Barcelona

This fabulous city on the north-east coast of the Mediterranean is a combination of extraordinary culture, traditions, and personality that you will not find anywhere else. Its broad array of diverse attractions as luxurious beaches stretching over four kilometers, great city center, the sun, which does not deceive the largest part of the year and the amazing people make this place a fantastic start of a great expedition.

This city is the cradle of art, where dozens of museums and art galleries enjoy the eyes. Stroll along the picturesque streets, sandy beaches, admire Gaudí’s architecture, or La Sagrada Familia, make a visit to Barcelona a memorable one. This is a place where you can enjoy seafood flavors, and excellent tapas are served in most of the restaurants and bars. Accommodation can be found here for less than £10.

From Barcelona to the birthplace of Picasso – Malaga

From Barcelona to the birthplace of Picasso – Malaga

Malaga is a beautiful corner, famous for its great artist – Picasso. After a bustling Barcelona, it is worthwhile to come to Malaga to experience the incredible tranquility that is typical for this charming Andalusian city. With a few days, you have to visit the Picasso Museum or the Carmen Thyssen Museum, where you will admire the art of nineteenth-century Spanish painting.

The historical parts of the city such as the Cathedral and the Alcazaba -a 10-century Arab fortress palace, delight with an amazing architecture and bring in a unique atmosphere. The biggest celebrations in Malaga are connected with the celebrations of Easter. Malaga is also famous for the art of flamenco dance, so if you dream of learning this passionate dance – this is the perfect place! Affordable hotels can be found here for £9.

From Malaga in the footsteps of the Vikings to Sandefjord

From Malaga in the footsteps of the Vikings to Sandefjord

Sandefjord is a city that combines the miles of coastline, rich historical heritage, and the Vikings. It is located 120 kilometers south of Oslo city, is modern, but at the same time a charming seaside town surrounded by the beauty of nature. Taking a flight to Sandefjord after a visit to sunny Spain, you can feel almost like another planet – beaches, bays, falling rocks, secluded beaches as well as those more lively, create a unique atmosphere.

Vikings lived in this area some about 1000 years ago, and their memorabilia in the form of monuments and artifacts still enjoy the enthusiasm of this extraordinary people. Unusual architecture full of small wooden houses combined with modernity captivates. Fans of galleries, sculptures and museums, and above all the sea life, will be delighted by the Museum of Whaling. The cost of budget hotels in Sandefjord is about £15.

From Sandefjord to Riga – the extraordinary capital of Latvia

From Sandefjord to Riga – the extraordinary capital of Latvia

Riga is an amazing capital of Latvia with more than 800 years of tradition. The city is an unusual combination of cultures and architectural styles that have come up here at various historical periods and therefore invariably captivates all visitors. Flowing through the city – River Daugava is called by the inhabitants of Latvia, the River of Destiny and it leads straight to the 10 kilometers away – Gulf of Riga.

Being here for a few days, you can take a walk through the Old Town, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. While enjoying the charm of the old days, you can finish in style this extraordinary journey with beautiful memories and catch a flight to Moscow. Riga hotel prices are a cost from £14.

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