Paris Nightlife: Bars, Cafes & Attractions Mini Guide

Paris nightlife guide

Paris is a dream place to spend the night of madness. It is a place, where you will find the best electronic music clubs, incredible places where you can dance salsa until dawn, or you’ll see the biggest music stars that let you enjoy rock, pop, or jazz. Flight to Paris is also a fantastic opportunity to see concerts of opera, ballet, and theater, as well as cabaret that allows you to forget about everything else for a moment.

Paris night is not only the events in nightclubs but the as well extraordinary place that evening time become fabulously magical. A small bistro where the wine tastes like anywhere else, fantastic buildings and statues dramatically illuminated or cruising the Seine in the moonlight are unforgettable experiences.

Meet some of our suggestions that will make Paris night unforgettable!

Cabaret night at the Moulin Rouge lasts forever!

Located in the north of Paris, the famous Moulin Rouge is a legendary Parisian cabaret with a distinctive red windmill that brings together thousands of music enthusiasts, and lovers of fantastic costumes, choreographies, and champagne every year. A visit to this enchanting place costs from €87, but it is worth to go here. Evening at the Moulin Rouge, requires prior reservation and elegant clothes – sneakers are definitely out of place …

Best Paris cafes
Amazing cafe in Paris

The magical atmosphere of cafes

After a long day of sightseeing of the great corners of Paris, the evening is the perfect time for taking some of the pleasure of relaxing in the numerous cafes. The charming Cafe Mairie with a unique history, whether Cafe de Flor, Brasserie Lipp or Deux Magots are places where the taste of coffee or fine wine allows you to enjoy the remarkable Parisian life where Hemingway himself spent a lot of time. Lovers of poets and art will be thrilled at Cafe Panis near Notre Dame Cathedral.

An unforgettable night cruise on the Seine

The Seine, flowing through the very heart of Paris, is a river that offers a unique opportunity for a fantastic evening’s adventure. The cruise starts in the center of the city leads the route along the most beautiful sights, which are illuminated with incredible enchantment – the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Orsay, the Notre Dame, the fabulous waterfront, the bridges look stunning and the glass of champagne included makes the evening unforgettable…

Night clubs in non-obvious places

Paris is a city where you will find all sorts of clubs, and some of them are located in completely non-obvious places. Le Reservoir Mary DeVivo club is located near the Bastille in the old smithy – here you can enjoy the music, the original Baroque decor and tasty specialties including the best beef. Another club that will without a doubt surprise is Le Grand Rex, where the Art Deco style of interior and electronic music performed by the best DJs from around the world grabs for an amazing fun. During the summer, in turn, encourages the Glazart La Plage – where the beach, music and live music make a memorable night.

Paris panorama - jetlookup cheap flights multi city and flight deals
Paris panorama

How about a night swim?

Can you dream of a more entertaining evening than a night of swimming in the heart of Paris? If this is what you like, be sure to head to the Latin Quarter where Piscine Pontoise (public swimming pool) invites enthusiasts of fun in the water. Dreamlike Art Deco buildings, beautiful historic cabin, highlighted by blue water and great music in the background will make you come back here more than once!

Taste French specialties, which at night are insane!

If you are looking for mysterious places with great cocktails and cuisine – there are plenty of them in Paris. For example, you can go for La Main Folle – the secret place of real Parisians, or jump for the great grilled frog’s legs at Floyd’s Bar & Grill, where in colonial style like New Orleans, you will be amazed at the unusual but exceptionally tasty combination of American and French cuisine.

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