Perfect destinations which combine traveling and remote work

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Remote work opens up many possibilities, including those related to travel and seeing a bit of the world. If you dream of flight to the different corners of the globe, and at the same, you can take away with you the work – explore destinations where you can combine business with pleasure! This way you can see magical places, make your work done, and do not overpay!

Everyone who wants to combine work with travel will appreciate the following destinations of flights since both costs of stay and comfort of working remotely, are here guaranteed!

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand - flight deals

Bangkok is a dream for many, and at the same time, it is a city inexpensive, delicious and full of friendly locals, and therefore ideally suited for a longer stay with a laptop at hand. Here you can easily find the Internet and pleasant angle to work. Of course, if you are planning a lot of sightseeing, partying and enjoy the numerous attractions, the time spent here can cost as in any other city in the west, but behaving rationally, can be an excellent experience for £1,150 a month!

Working remotely, you can in here enjoy freedom, warm weather, and the colorful life of the locals, not to mention delicious cuisine – a tasty meal costs about £1.80! The flight from London to Bangkok already for £310.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand - cheapest flights

If you dream of exotic Asia, Chiang Mai is another perfect place for working remotely. The life in Chiang Mai, in comparison to the capital city of Thailand – Bangkok, goes in here much calmer, and the climate is milder. In the city, there are numerous cafes with free Wi-Fi, and the atmosphere here is very friendly.

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai you can be reached in an hour with multicity flight. The local community is extremely friendly, and the daily cost of living, including the middle-class hostel, rent of means of transport and food is only £12!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Cathedral - cheap flights

Among all European capitals, Berlin offers the cheapest cost of living, which is why its popularity among people who work remotely and their entire professional world is locked in a laptop with internet access is not surprising. The city is home to many artists, scientists, writers and musicians who live in fashionable streets, among the monuments and numerous parks, lakes and canals make Berlin a green city inspiring creative personality.

The average monthly cost of life in Berlin is about £1,850, which is a relatively small price, as for really high standard hotels, restaurants, security and service. The advantage of Berlin is the ease of finding short-term apartments for rent in prime locations. Cheap flight to Berlin is the cost of trifling £13!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - flights

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is extremely popular flight destination among traveling along with their work people. You can find here many web entrepreneurs, freelancers, e-commerce, bloggers and Internet marketing professionals who love the hot climate, renowned cafes (of course, with access to the Internet) and numerous places to visit.

This former Saigon guarantees unlimited and ridiculously cheap food, excellent Wi-Fi and affordable accommodation. The only downside here is the language barrier – it’s hard to find English-speaking residents, but the cost of living, is on average less than £600 per month!

Bali, Indonesia

Pura Ulun Danu, Bali - cheap flight

Bali is a place which, as it turns out, is extremely popular among people working remotely! It is a place where you can enjoy while working a healthy lifestyle in the form of organic food and yoga classes. It is not difficult to get a tourist visa to this enchanting corner of Indonesia, and the well-developed communication ensures a perfect connection to the Internet.

Day in Bali is the cost of about £40, and an abundance of exciting forms of activities as surfing, climbing the volcano, riding motorcycles, scuba diving, and many others are excellent ways to spend time between professional duties.

Lisbon, Portugal

Cabo da Roca, Lisbon District, Portugal - multi city flight

A quiet corner of Europe, which is often chosen by people who work remotely is Lisbon which enchants at first sight. Called the New Berlin and Barcelona, due to the recent economic problems became a town relatively cheap because the daily cost of staying in Lisbon is about £25.

The rural atmosphere of this beautiful Portuguese city impresses with its rich history and beautiful architecture – mainly by blue azulejos tiles. Captivating seascapes, beautiful weather, the abundance of the gifts of the sea, high-speed Internet, and entertaining nightlife are all benefits that create incentives to work and leisure. Multi-city flight to Lisbon from London costs around £20!

As you can see, the work does not have to be linked closely with the place, especially if you can afford for a month or two working remotely. The world is waiting to be discovered, so do not hesitate with the implementation of your dreams and combine work with travel. The flight at new destination will broaden your horizons and can mix business with pleasure.

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