Poland’s most beautiful cities

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As one of the most exciting Eastern European countries, Poland Becomes a favorite holiday destination for tourists from the whole European Union. It is known for its rich and dramatic history as well as beautiful old architecture. Affordable flights are an extra reason to visit this amazing country! Below we present five of the most beautiful cities which are worth to choose to catch a handful of unforgettable memories!

Krakow – a city with history and a dragon

Krakow, Poland - cheap flights

Krakow is Poland’s former royal capital with many historical monuments of culture and art. Do not miss the Wawel Hill with its renaissance castle and cathedral or the Dragon Pit, a sculpture of legendary creature and the most popular tourist spot in the city. In your leisure time, you can also choose among theaters, clubs, pubs, restaurants, and cabarets.

In the heart of the city be sure to visit The Gothic St. Mary’s Church, go shopping in the Cloth Hall or occasional stalls, which often occur at the foot of the monument the poet Adam Mickiewicz. Flight to Krakow is the cost of less than £30!

Warsaw – a busy metropolis and a mermaid

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Warsaw is an economic, political and cultural center of Poland with a mermaid as its symbol. It offers a variety of tourists attractions. The most popular is the Palace of Culture and Science – the true Embodiment of Socialist Realist architecture. You can also visit the National Museum or the Copernicus Science Centre or dive in into the busy nightlife of the capital city.

This largest Polish city arose from the ashes, as it mostly has been rebuilt after World War II. However, beyond the modern side of the capital, it impresses with its restored Old Town with sculpted of the bronze mermaid in the center. Warsaw is often called the “Paris of the North,” so it is worth checking out if it’s true by spontaneous flight!

Poznan – a green city and the goats

Poznan, Poland - flights

Poznan is a wealth of history and cultural attractions for all traveling across Poland. The old town, with a beautiful town hall with characteristic goats, like the one in Warsaw was rebuilt after the devastation of World War II, and its remarkable performance introduces a unique atmosphere. Lovers of goodies will appreciate the Poznan crescent rolls.

By many, Poznan is considered to be a stop between Berlin and Warsaw. Rich in historical and cultural monuments, as well as museums, famous for its special exhibitions. Active people will appreciate located in and around the city green spaces, full of lakes, forests, and parks, ideal for practicing all kinds of sports.

Wroclaw – quiet town with gnomes

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Wroclaw is another wonderful city which worth to visit while being in Poland. It has a particularly rich history, as over the centuries passed it from hand to hand subsequent invaders. This is a very famous city that offers a peaceful and the pleasant relaxation in the picturesque surroundings.

Nicknamed Wroclove, is known for numerous love stories told by the tourists and locals. The city is full of cultural events, clubs, and pubs. Impressive Grunwald Bridge and the ubiquitous dwarfs are one of the most emblematic symbols of the city that are worth seeing.

Gdansk – seaside corner at the foot of Neptune

Gdansk, Poland - cheap flight

Gdansk is one of the most magical cities in Poland and clearly distinguished by on the map of historical and cultural centers of Northern Europe to which is worth to catch a flight. The city exudes a distinct Germanic style, due to the soaring Gothic buildings, ancient ports, and cobbled streets. Not far from Gdansk is located Sopot and Gdynia – forming with it the great Tri-City.

This seaside resort is a popular destination for tourists, mainly because of the mild climate and beautiful beaches. The exclusive architecture of the Old Town, including the largest brick Gothic Carmelite Church and characteristic Fountain of Neptune, were among of the witnesses of many historical events, like the birth of Solidarity, which brought an end to communism.

Poland is a unique place, which is full of magical corners, as these cities and more, so you should look for a bargain multi-city flights and see as many as possible!

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