Russia: Visiting the largest country of the world

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Russia is the largest country in the world but surprisingly does not belong to most popular travel destinations. Flight to Moscow or St.Petersburg, however, is a great idea for an extraordinary adventure that will change the perception of this raw and shrouded in numerous myths country. Amateurs of the amazing experiences certainly are dreaming of extraordinary expedition Tran-Siberian railway, rafting the Yenisei River or seeing for real the harsh tundra and taiga.

Russia – warm hospitality, remarkable history and a great place to meet adventure

Visit Vladivostok, visit Russia

Russia is a great country of hospitable people, rich history, and monuments that encourage learning about the country even more. It is also a broad range of extraordinary natural wonders from glaciers on mountain peaks after a fabulous coastline of Lake Baikal. Here are the reasons why you should choose a flight to the Russian land:

  • Trans-Siberian Railway is the attraction, which you have to try during a trip to Russia. The longest railway network in the world runs from Moscow to Vladivostok – near the borders with China and North Korea. At each station for traveler are awaiting beautiful corners of this amazing country, so the attractive solution is visiting Russia along the longest route of this famous railway.
  • Moscow is a place that undoubtedly captivates. A wealth of history, monuments and interesting spots like Lenin’s Mausoleum, the Kremlin, Bunker 42, Cosmonautics Museum, the Museum of vodka, the Moscow metro, the Bolshoi Theatre makes it is impossible to get bored here. Fans of space adventures, not far from Moscow, can visit the famous Centre of Yuri Gagarin, where guests have the opportunity to experience the thrill during the flight in zero gravity!
  • For trekking enthusiasts, a great location is Mount Elbrus. Located in the Caucasus mountain range is one of the seven highest peaks in the world, thus getting the top will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Valley of geysers located on Kamchatka is a unique place where nature surprises and arouses a keen interest of scientists and tourists. This magical place is also a paradise for skiers.
  • Kizhi Island is another magical place to visit while being in Russia. Located near the border with Finland and the White Sea is famous for its unique open-air museum. Torn between the cultures of East and West impresses with impressive architecture, windmills, demonstrations of crafts and folk groups.
  • Novgorod is one of the most charming cities of Russia. A unique monument, which is worth to see is adorned with five domes St. Sophia Cathedral full of ancient religious artifacts.
  • Lake Baikal is a great stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is the deepest, at the same time the oldest lake on Earth. Surrounded by a stunning mountain ranges, it is considered the cleanest lake in the world. Not without reason it is called the Pearl of Siberia.
  • The Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, channels, it is only a handful of attractions of St. Petersburg, which delight visitors from around the world. Great location of the city makes it a great stop while traveling through Russia. St. Petersburg is also a city where you can experience the extraordinary “White Nights,” when in June by about three weeks the sun shines around the clock.

Tastes of Russia – caviar, pickled vegetables and vodka

Russian food and drinks

Russian cuisine is probably one of the most colorful in the world. Every gourmet who takes a trip to this picturesque country will be amazed by its delicacies, which, depending on the region, surprise and taste exquisitely!

Among the specialties of Russian cuisine, you have to taste the fragrant borscht with smetana (sour cream), thin pancakes with red caviar, tempting dumplings, rasstegai, and kulebyaka, pickled mushrooms and, of course, crunchy cucumbers. An integral element of feasts is famous in the world Russian vodka.

Russian cuisine has a rich history, which has its roots in the many kitchens of other nations. Despite the influence of international chefs, Russian hospitality is unique in the world. Plenty of food on the tables, mandatory bread, Russian pancakes, lots of groats, a variety of hot and cold delicacies, as well as eminent pastries make Russia a great flight destination for a culinary journey.

Useful tips for travelers visiting Russia

Holidays in Russia

Russia is a country of world-class art, epic landscapes and a very diverse society. Travel here is a guarantee of a great adventure, but it is worth remembering a few small things which will help you avoid unexpected problems during the trip.

  • Before leaving, it is worth in advance to apply for a visa (at least one month), because, at the last moment, it may be an extremely expensive formality. Upon arrival, it is important to sign up within seven days, which can also be done in the hotel, etc.
  • Planning a trip it is wise to check out the calendar of events – on holidays and during important celebrations, museums and other attractions can be difficult to access.
  • Remember the appropriate attire. If you are going to a party at nightclubs, to restaurants or the theater, it is good to bet on elegance. Visiting the churches do not forget to garment the body, do not wear hats, and more importantly, do not disturb religious services.
  • Learn Cyrillic – learning the Russian alphabet is a skill that comes in handy during the tour. It’s incredible help in encrypting street signs, subway, schedules and restaurant menus.
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg are not the cheapest cities in the world, therefore, set on spending. As a foreigner, you can pay more in the museums. If you do not speak the language you can be a tempting target for taxi drivers or merchants stalls, so learning a few phrases might help you save a lot of money!
  • Do not mix vodka with other drinks! Tradition in Russia is drinking vodka, not drinking vodka with juice or tonic. Asking for an extra drink into an alcohol you might even offend the host. However, if you need to, ask for a slice of lemon, and always, combine vodka with treats like pickled cucumbers – not without reason Russia is famous for the appetizers!
  • Under no circumstances do not photograph government buildings – presumed innocent pic on Instagram or Facebook, they can arrest you!
  • If you are traveling by train, be sure to carefully check the times on the schedule – especially for long-distance trains. Depending on your location, you can be in a different time zone!
  • Have on hand a photocopy of your passport, visa or other documents – during a routine inspection, the officer may ask for it.

As you can see, Russia is a country of extraordinary adversity, hospitality, and stunning corners. Flight to Moscow (or another corner of this beautiful country) can be an adventure of your life! Do not hesitate and book your ticket!

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