Skiing for less

skiing for less - cheap flights

Winter holidays don’t have to cost a fortune. With cheap flight tickets you can lower your expenses without burning a hole in your pocket.

Best Austrian destination

Slopes surrounded by lakes, perfect snow for skiing and lots of Alps enthusiasts – this is what a travel to Salzburg offers. It is one of the most popular area to ski as well as relax in numerous spas of this Austrian destination.

France, Grenoble - cheap flightPicturesque resorts in France

Aix Les Bains, a resort town placed by Lake Bourget in French Alps, guarantees great fun for the hole family. It is also known for its natural springs used for curative purposes since the Roman times. If you enjoy historic monuments, you can’t miss a flight to Chambéry with its Chateau de Ducs de Savoie or Notre-Dame Church.

Breathtaking Alps and Dolomites

Let’s not forget about beautiful Italian and Swiss mountains with slopes that are still not very crowded and offer spectacular views along with dramatic glaciers. You can get there within 2-3 hours

– just look for flight tickets to Malpensa airport.

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