Student summer trip? Here’s the list of cheap destinations you don’t want to miss

Kos, Greece - cheap flight deals

There’s no better way to relax after stressful exams than taking a summer trip with friends. By choosing cheap student destinations deals, you can see the most beautiful and fun places around the world and enjoy your free time without burning a hole in your pocket. Just take a look at these cheap student flight ideas that are worth to visit this year!

Greece – an island paradise where you can feel like in heaven

Cheap flights to Kos

If you are looking for a cheap corner of paradise – Greece seems to be the perfect place for a cheap student flight. This beautiful country struggles with economic difficulties for quite some time now, so for young people, this means cheap student destinations, especially if you choose those quieter, not so popular, but also charming sites of Greece.

Regardless of whether you are looking for relaxation after hard exams or if you want to meet closer the incredible ancient history, islands of Kos or Paros are going to be the best holiday destination for you. You will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views typical for the Greek islands along with vibrant nightlife and a variety of outdoor activities. Isn’t it wonderful?

Ireland – student holidays destinations along the emerald land

Ireland – fabulous nature, Guinness, and live music

While planning your holidays, search for cheap student flight to one of the amazing destinations in Europe. You will be able to take a multi-destination trip and make a stop on the Emerald Island, which impresses with its extraordinary nature and the best Guinness beer in one of the famous all over the world pubs. Ireland offers plenty of attractions for young people, whether you enjoy a little bit of bar-hopping or some cultural entertainment.

The most obvious tourist destination is Dublin – crazy and full of the charm most famous city of Ireland, but it is worth considering to visit Galway – it’s cheaper than the capital city, and its nightlife is much more busy thanks to the higher student population. Ireland is one of the cheap student destinations, and warm summer evenings spent with friends in lively pubs will be unforgettable.

Ibiza – the most popular place for party-loving students

Cheap air tickets to Ibiza, Spain

Picturesque beaches, sunshine guaranteed and parties until dawn – these are the main reasons why students love Ibiza so much. Summer season on this mysterious Spanish island is usually packed with young people. Local pubs and restaurants look for some additional help during this time, so it’s easy to find a seasonal job here – you can earn money and spend them after hours enjoying the various attractions which this place offers. You can try scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips, and jet ski rides or just sunbath and drink cocktails with the straw.

As you can see, Ibiza belongs to the perfect cheap student destinations, as long as we plan our holiday wisely. There is probably nothing more pleasant than combining entertaining and useful actions, and fragrant melon for breakfast, the best music in the evenings, and the enchanting beauty of this stunning location makes this place worth the attention as a cheap student flight for this summer.

Romania – mysterious and full of unusual attractions for young people

Visit Sibiu, Romania

This small yet mysterious country may surprise you with the variety of cheap entertainment available for young people. Just make sure you book your student cheap flight to Cluj-Napoca, a university city with a center filled with very climatic pubs and bars you’ve never seen before. The visit in Romania is not only the madness of student events but also an opportunity to get to know the unusual, a little dark area of Transylvania, which is one of the ideal student holiday destinations that are always full sun and excellent corners just right in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.

Visiting the Romanian sites, make sure to pay a visit to Sighisoara, the birthplace of the national hero – Vlad the Impaler, to experience an unforgettable adventure! Beautiful cities, unique nature, fantastic stories and legends, lots of interesting people and cheap drinks are certainly great arguments that will encourage every student!

Ecuador – a place where you can combine learning Spanish and great fun!

Cheap flights to Ecuador

Holidays are the time in which you can combine multiple elements – work, learning and great fun. The great location among the student holiday destinations is, without a doubt – Ecuador, which is one of the best places where you can learn Spanish in Latin America because of the low prices. Panoramic terraces overlooking the historic center of Quito and the amazing Andes mountains make this place will delight everyone.

Students can find here excellent solutions – in return for work in hostels, young people can receive accommodation, meals, drinks and Spanish lessons! If you are considering a trip that will allow you to study, have fun and work, Ecuador may be the best choice, so just look around for a cheap student flight today!

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