The best flight deals and holiday destinations to visit in autumn 2016

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany - flight deals

Autumn is the season that introduces us into a unique atmosphere, especially if the weather is nice and we can soak up its flaming colors. This captivating season is a time of tranquility and melancholy, which is worth spending exploring unusual places in their beautiful fall scenery.

Holiday spots are less crowded, hot days become milder and picturesque nooks in new shades of autumn, are asking for a visit. Below we present the most beautiful spots to see in the fall, combined with the most favorable flight deals of the season!

Rome in the warm autumn sun

Rome, Italy autumn - multi city flight

Italian holidays in the peak of the summer season can make you feel dizzy. The excess of tourists and giving the toll heat, actually ruining the rest. Autumn becomes, therefore, indeed the perfect season to visit this remarkable eternal city. This golden time of year offers at this time a lot more than you think! Apart from sightseeing the classics, you can enjoy your senses at the festivals of theater, art, dance, and music.

The combination of the unusual climate of the city, the excellent Italian cuisine and autumn glowing aura that makes you quickly fall in love with Rome. This captivating time of year also favors savings, the flight from London to Rome, can be found for £20.

Autumn in Berlin surprises with diversity

Berlin, Germany autumn - cheap flight

Anyone who thinks that fall is annoying should visit Berlin! The magic of the city’s parks, which at this time of year delight with colors, relaxing cruises along the canals or flea markets at Flohmarkt in Mauerpark or Berliner Trödelmarkt are just a few of the many attractions.

In October, the German capital is held majestic Festival of Lights, which is impresses and makes the autumn, will always be your favorite time of year! Bargain flights from London to Berlin can be found for as little £13!

Andalusia Seville, Spain

Andalusia Seville, Spain - multi city flight

Autumn is a great time to explore the south of Spain. This time of year, in here is still beautiful and sunny, and warm sea (except the cooler Atlantic regions) and empty beaches directly invite to relax. Andalusia is the perfect place for an active holiday – we recommend trips to the natural parks and mountains such as the Sierra Norte.

No less enjoyable is visiting Seville itself, or located not far away Cordoba. Out there are waiting for spectacular palaces and mosques, which were built by the Moors in the Middle Ages. Encourages also the fact that the flight from London to the capital of Andalusia costs from £22.

Polish mountains charm – Pieniny

Pieniny, Poland - cheapest flights

Pieniny is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Polish regions, and their extremely varied shape and picturesque scenery make the fall look here phenomenal! Depths of the Okrąglica, a famous gorge of the Dunajec river, enchanting mountain peaks of Three Crowns and peace, which is omnipresent here at this time of year, are the advantages suitable for the needs of the seekers of contact with nature.

Lanes, paths, and charming villages can safely compete with the charm of Scottish and Irish corners. Flights from London to Poland can be purchased at prices starting from £15.

Marrakesh in the colors of spices – perfect for autumn aura

Marrakech, Marocco - multiple flights

Travelers who dream of an exotic getaway in the fall, we can recommend Marrakesh! Autumn is simply an ideal time to rest in Morocco in sunny weather without heat! Amazing and multi-color streets of this magical city are asking for the discovery.

Stunning markets, the smell of aromatic spices, color fabrics, the sweetness of fruits and the ubiquitous acrobats, storytellers and snake charmers make a positive energy, recharge your batteries for severe winter! Flights from London to Morocco starting from £22!

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