The cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2016

Croatia, Split - multi way flights

Haven’t decided where to spend your summer vacation? We’ve prepared a list of cheap holiday destinations that won’t ruin your budget. Remember to search for low-priced tickets as moving around may cost quite a lot of money.

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The moment you put your feet in this country, you will realize this is a place like no other. Estonia is in 50 % covered with forests, it has 2000 islands and its capital – the beautiful Tallinn – is the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. Estonians are very friendly towards visitors and it may surprise you how many of them are bilingual. Apart from Estonian they speak English, Russian, Finnish and German. Be prepared for an amazing adventure.


This favorite European destination is best for those who enjoy lying on the beach, sunbathing and partying all night. It’s also an ideal place for the whole families and a guarantee of the cheapest holiday possible. The picturesque Adriatic coast in Split and Dubrovnik will take your breath away and the countless restaurants and monuments will keep you busy for the rest of the day.


If you’re looking for a real travelling experience, Vietnam is the destination you seek. This truly exotic and intriguing country draws tourists interested in the American War and spectacular landscapes. Whether you’re staying in one of the cities, like Ho Chi Minh, or you decide to explore the calm life of local villages, you will definitely enjoy each and every minute of your holidays.

Sri Lanka

This small island holds everything you’ll ever need to have an exciting and unforgettable trip. Golden beaches, misty mountains and amazing wildlife – this is what you can expect while visiting this wonderful country. And if not for all that, visit it for the food. You’ll taste many different types of spices, rice, vegetables and fruit, not mentioning the variety of delicious seafood served all around the country.

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