Things to do in Transylvania

Transylvania, Romania - multiple flights

With its mysterious history and picturesque landscape Transylvania draws attention of travellers from around the world. It truly offers something for everyone along with cheapest holidays ever.

The land of beauty and mystery

Located in Central Romania, Transylvania is surrounded by the Carpathian mountain chain that creates amazing views and atmosphere. This ‘land beyond the forest’ holds some best-preserved medieval towns such as Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara. You will hear a lot of ancient legends of mountain spirits and have a chance to explore Europe’s second largest underground glacier.

Home of Dracula

A visit to Bran castle is a must while staying in Transylvania. This gothic, 15th-century castle belonged to Walachian Prince Vlad Tepes, who was an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Its stunning structure and mystifying past guarantees unforgettable experience.

Wine traditions

Transylvanians produce incredibly fragrant, clear, light wines usually made of plums, apples and pears. Make sure you attend to wine tasting in one of many hospitable and charming Transylvanian vineyards.

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