Three reasons why you should visit Norway

Norway, Stavanger - cheapest flights

Looking for flights for your next holidays? Here’s why you should consider visiting the country at the very edge of Northern Europe.

The power of nature

Norwegian landscape is known for its splendid mountains, glaciers and waterfalls. You can spend hours hiking along marked trails surrounded by breathtaking views and take in their peace and serenity. Norwegians founded many nature parks to preserve their natural environment – as a tourist you need to be very careful not to damage it in any way.

Norway, Tromso - flight deals
Norway, Tromso

Natural wonders

Northern lights, Midnight Sun or the UNESCO-protected fjords are the main reason why tourists travel to this rather cold land. They set a unique atmosphere which you can experience only in Norway.

Norway, Tromso - flights
Norway, Tromso

Vibrant cultural life

Norwegians enjoy spending their free time outdoors. They get involved into many different activities, such as sport, excursions or concerts. A huge part of Norwegian culture is folklore. You can visit numerous museums where you can learn more about Vikings – the fascinating warriors that used to spread terror along Europe’s coasts.

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