Tired of big cities? See these cosy places where you can really unwind!

Gran Canaria, Spain - cheapest flights

There comes a time when sightseeing and staying up late to enjoy the busy nightlife of metropolitan cities is just not enough to really charge your batteries. This is when it’s best to plan holidays to a place that is much more calm and relaxing. A place that offers beautiful views and an opportunity to spend time actively. What’s also great about this type of holidays? It’s usually much cheaper than staying and dining in capital cities of Europe.

Provence, France

Famous for the amazing lavender fields, Provence is probably one of the most beautiful surroundings in Europe. As soon as you get there, you’ll immediately fall in love with the lazy lifestyle of the villages, morning fresh-air markets, wine and delightful delicacies. Not mentioning the breathtaking views of violet fields and mountain ranges with their white peaks extending in the background.

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Those who prefer adventurous holidays should consider booking an air ticket to Scotland and visit one of the two biggest national parks in this country. Cairngorms is the perfect place to walk or cycle in the fresh air and enjoy the magnificent surroundings of unspoilt wild mountains and crystal clear lakes and rivers. You’ll also find some unique plants there and many rare species of animals, such as the golden eagle or the Scottish wildcat. The best time to visit the park is the late spring when the winter is ending and you get to enjoy the first signs of warmer season.

La Gomera, Spain

One of the Canary Islands, La Gomera, is much smaller than the popular Gran Canaria or La Palma. This is why it is the best destination for relaxing holidays. This charming island isn’t packed with tourists, so you can enjoy staying at the beach of the Atlantic Ocean or spend time walking and exploring wonderful plants, forests, waterfalls and rock outcroppings. What’s interesting about La Gomera is that it was the place from which Christopher Columbus started his voyages. You can get there by ferry from Tenerife.

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