Top 10 flight deals with extremely cheap prices

Top 10 flights with extremely low prices

If you love traveling, but still worried that it is not on your budget, see that discovering corners of the world and fulfill dreams does not have to be expensive. Cheap flights are the perfect opportunity for spontaneous incursions into the unknown, and our best flight deals are an ideal example of it!

Meet the top 10 of travel flight deals!

1. From Canadian Calgary to the multicultural London

London, United Kingdom

Visiting London is a dream of many of us, so if there is an opportunity to visit it you should not underestimate. Cheap flight from Calgary costs the only £143, and it is a little as for the flight on the distance of 7054 km!

London is a city like no other, and beyond the popular areas and attractions like Big Ben, the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace, you can go here for shopping of life, have fun until dawn in the best clubs, survive numerous adventures and discover a piece of history. Undoubted number one in London, however, are the people who create the unique atmosphere of this city. Accommodation can be found here from £8!

2. From London to “The Heart of the New West” – Calgary

Visit Calgary, multi city deals

Calgary is the place where you can fall in love, which is why, not without reason traveling to this magical place it is a good choice. Now you can find flight deals for £ 186.

A town situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and the junction of the Bow and Elbow Rivers offers beautiful landscape, the closeness of nature and extraordinary people. Affordable lodging in Calgary is available for £ 20.

3. From London to colorful and exotic Mumbai

Mumbai, India - multi stop flights

Hardly anyone is visiting Mumbai for rest and relax. This vibrant city is home to more than 16 million people, which makes that you can not complain about boredom. Occasional cheap flight from London to this distant for about 7212 km city, now costs £ 267.

Mumbai is sparkling with thousands of colors western Indian metropolis that captivates with tasty kitchen, numerous fairs and fashion boutiques, Bollywood stars, beautiful chaotic streets, surprising contrasts, impressive colonial buildings and charming atmosphere. Cheap accommodation can be found here from £3!

4. From Bergamo to „Little Paris” – Bucharest

Visit Bucharest, multi city flights and deals

Bucharest is a living city that thanks to Byzantine churches, houses, and minimalist blocks resemble the unique atmosphere of Paris, therefore, not without reason, is called its smaller version. Cheap flight from Bergamo to this charming Romanian city can be found for as little as £ 17.

While in Bucharest, should focus on visiting historical places like the Old Town, the Parliament Building (biggest building in all of Europe), the ruins of the Palace of Vlad the Impaler (aka Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula) and the University Square with many books sellers. Accommodations are available here from £5!

5. From Charleroi to amazing Timisoara

Visit Timisoara - cheap flights and multi city deals

Anyone who for a long time wanted to visit Transylvania should go to Timisoara. The legend of Vlad Tepes is are here still alive, but the rich history of the city gives much more. Among the top 10 best flight deals can be found an occasional flight from Charleroi to Timisoara, from £4!

Timisoara is one of the most multicultural cities, which combines communities Hungarian, German and Serbian. The friendly atmosphere and the unique climate of the city enchants and ensures that even a weekend trip is amazing. Cheap hotels are available here from £ 15!

6. From London to dancing Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain - flights

Cheap flight from London to 1108km away Barcelona, at the cost of £4 is an excellent argument to visit this beautiful Spanish city finally.

Regardless of the time of the year, this place offers beautiful beaches that wind around the coast, as well as the pedestrianized strip in central Barcelona Las Ramblas, which is about 1.2km long and is the most popular place for restaurants and shops. Colorful architecture and dancing locals enrich even a short stay, and lodgings are available from £7!

7. From London to peaceful Villafranca

Fly to Villafranca, multi city, deals

If you want to relax in the Italian style, calm Villafranca would be a perfect choice. Also encouraging is that a cheap flight from London can be found for as little as £4!

This small northern Italian city with an impressive architecture and numerous monuments like the Castello Scagliero or defensive wall Serraglio. This place is perfect for tasting the Italian delicacies and rest. Prices of hostels can be found from £ 30.

8. From London to heavenly Las Palmas

Multi City Las Palmas

Las Palmas is an eclectic mix of cultures, European, African, Chinese and Indian, so a cheap flight to this exotic place for trifling £4 is a unique opportunity to explore this fantastic corner.

This fabulous Spanish city distant about 2710 km from London, impresses with its atmosphere, friendly people, the arc of the fantastic beach Playa de las Canteras, and incredible cuisine. Accommodations in Las Palmas are available from £15.

9. From Cleveland to entertaining Orlando

Orlando, The USA - multi city flight

Regardless of whether you are planning a trip with your family, with your loved one or solo, Orlando is an ideal travel destination, especially that cheap flights from Cleveland can be found from £103.

Orlando offers a unique experience for all visitors starting from the numerous amusement parks, golf courses, houses of art and culture, as well as shops, a spa, and various outdoor activities. Accommodation in Orlando can be found for as little as £25.

10. From Djerba to Paris

Paris, France - flight deals

It is impossible to mention one reason for which it is worth to visit Paris. This delightful romantic city is unique, and therefore affordable flight from Djerba for £ 100 is the perfect opportunity to get to know Paris closer!

Stunning architecture, fabulous cruises on the Seine, the best wine, the breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower, and a variety of boutiques of best fashion designers, these are arguments that will certainly encourage multicity flight to Paris. Affordable lodging is available from £15.

It’s a perfect time for the best flight deals! Isn’t it?

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