Top 10 undiscovered city breaks in Europe

Top 10 undiscovered city breaks in Europe

Searching for a remarkable and unique place where you can experience a wonderful weekend or a few relaxing days, you might want to look for options that are not such popular destinations, and which are as beautiful as these massively visited by tourists. The flight in a less familiar corner of Europe will make in the fact that this undiscovered city break will be truly unique. Here are our ten suggestions for places which are worth visiting even for a few moments!

1. Sunny Malaga, Spain

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If you dream about catching a few rays of the sunshine, think about Malaga. This charming and incredibly climatic capital of the Costa del Sol in Spain is an excellent flight destination for a spontaneous city break. The captivating alleys, picturesque villas, and exceptionally rich vegetation make it is ideal for sightseeing this fabulous place on foot.

The sun is almost guaranteed here so pleasant walks between palm tree-lined streets and charming pubs, where you can enjoy colorful drinks is the perfect place for a little relaxation. Here you can visit the fascinating Picasso Museum and later go to a real feast of local specialties where fish and gazpachuelo is a paradise for the palate. If you have a little more time, be sure to visit the delightful fishing village of Pedregalejo, where the sunsets on the seaside promenade are breathtaking. Accommodation in Malaga can be found from £20.

2. Cradle of Italian freedom – Turin

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At first thought of Turin, we think – the football club Juventus and cars. As it turns out, this cosmopolitan city has much more to offer. Elegance and style boulevards, stunning views and chocolate are yet another reasons to catch a flight to this undiscovered until the end city. It is here where was filmed the famous movie “The Italian Job” so why not go here for a city break!

In Turin, you can feel the note of the Parisian climate. You can found here numerous boutiques and luxury shopping malls, and what is more, the city abounds in numerous monuments, such as the tallest brick building in the world – Mole Antonelliana, the famous Turin Shroud, the cathedral, the Porte Palatine and many others. Located in the northern part of the Italy Turin, is a land of risotto and excellent aperitives, which in many bars, at certain times, are available free as an additive to beverages. VisitingBeing in this stunning city, it is essential to taste unearthly hot chocolate at Caffe Florio. Flights to Caselle Torinese (6 km away from Turin) from London are already available or £4!

3. The Czech Republic from the other side – Olomouc

Visit Olomouc, Czech Republic

The rich history and incredible architecture make this former capital of Moravia, confusingly similar to Prague. It is a city in which during the day delight atmospheric streets and squares, and at night, bustling clubs. There’s no denying that the choice of Olomouc for a weekend getaway is an option that will help save a lot.

Among the places that worth a visit here, we can distinguish the Baroque Trinity Column, the astronomical clock in the main square as well as the Town Hall, numerous churches and cathedrals, and the nostalgic, Baroque fountains. Being in Olomouc, you can enamor to cheeses and beers (dark, wheat and fruit), which are the hallmark of the local pubs. Among Czech specialties that you may want to taste in Olomouc worthy of mentioning are a variety of meat, schnitzels, and roasts. If you want to spend your time during a city break in this fantastic place, book a flight to Brno, where in just over one and a half hours by train, you will reach Olomouc.

4. Like the fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers – Sibiu, Romania

Visit Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu is town founded by German settlers, established in the twelfth century. Hence it derives its great climate in the style of fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers. Cobbled streets, the majestic architecture of the buildings and the overall atmosphere make it is impossible not to admire this city of Transylvania, which each year guests numerous festivals and events.

By visiting this amazing city, you should explore its two faces – the richer part aristocratic and modest lower town, which are separated by stairs, which run along the medieval city walls. Sibiu is famous for its many interesting places like Huet Square full of Gothic buildings, The Brukenthal Museum or Piata Mica. Being in this magical corner of Romania, enjoy local specialties like ciorba, and excellent beer. Accommodation can be found here from £17.

5. Sedately quiet with a hint of madness – Braga, Portugal

Visit Braga, Portugal

Braga – one of the undiscovered cities of Portugal, is an excellent place to check as a city break destination flight, which to Porto (about an hour away by train) can be purchased from £40. This staid, full of churches town is famous for Braga Semana Santa or Holy Week Easter Festival, but the nightlife makes it is impossible to be bored here.

Baroque architecture, which pearl is the oldest cathedral in Portugal, will delight lovers of history and more. It is worth to visit this city for allegorical chapels, numerous of stairs and fountains that create a unique atmosphere. Mediterranean cuisine delights here with an abundance of fresh vegetables and seafood, which wealth can be found here thanks to the proximity of the Atlantic. During feasts, be sure to try the local port, which impresses with its depth of flavor.

6. Venice of the North – Wroclaw, Poland

Travel to Wroclaw, Poland

Anyone who had the opportunity to visit Poland knows that this country is rich in cultural and entertaining attributes. Flight to Wroclaw will, therefore, be a great occasion for doing so. Getting to know the charms of Polish land in this remarkable the town, which in its history has absorbed a lot from a culture of Czech, Austrian and Prussian making it exceptionally beautiful architectural and cultural gem, is an excellent way to spend magical city break.

Wroclaw is called the Venice of the North, not without reason! The city is located on the Oder River, where among 12 islands, 130 bridges and river parks, is a majestic corner of Gothic architecture. Always living cultural scene, theaters, festivals, clubs, and bars invite you to visit. Being here be sure to try the local specialties of Silesian cuisine as sausages, potatoes, red cabbage or pickled fish. If you prefer other flavors, you will find numerous restaurants offering German, Italian, Japanese and Korean cuisine. Cozy room at the hotel, you will find here from £14!

7. Mysterious and unique Regensburg, Germany

Visit Visit Regensburg, Germany

This stunning, about an hour away by train from Nuremberg city, it is the crown jewel of the German architecture. The Old Town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof were placed on UNESCO World Heritage List. Located at the confluence of the Danube and Regen, Regensburg, it is extremely friendly, warm and climate hideaway, which is famous for its architectural wonders from the Roman times, medieval bridges, and cathedral, as well as pharmacies, which operates here since the seventeenth century!

Regensburg is a place which hosts a famous fair, and a fabulous park Alleengürtel, formed from the former royal gardens, separates the historic district from the modern part of the city. Being here necessarily taste of sausages, whose traditions and secret recipes date back to 1135. There’s no denying that, as in other German towns, is brewed here beer of excellent quality. Flight to the nearest airport in Nurnberg costs about £85.

8. Journey to the old splendor of Netherlands – Utrecht

Visit Utrecht, Netherlands

Amsterdam is without a doubt the number one city for tourists coming to the Netherlands – as it turns out, not the only one worth visiting. If you are looking for an idea for a unique city break flight, think of Utrecht – a city that to the time of the “golden age” was one of the most famous locations in the Netherlands. Full of medieval buildings is incredibly climatic and is located less than forty-five minutes by train from Amsterdam.

Utrecht is a university city full of young locals, therefore, is full of festivals and events. Architecture and atmosphere of the city are very similar to Amsterdam, and at the same time, Utrecht has many attractive spots to visit like museums or churches. The best way to know the city, however, are long walks. Among the delicacies, it is worth a try in here some of the goat cheese with caraway – delicious!

9. A quiet corner at the foot of the Alps – Appenzell, Switzerland

Visit Appenzell, Switzerland

This undiscovered corner of Switzerland is, without a doubt, the perfect place for a unique city break. Located at the foot of the Alpstein Appenzell, it is a town where you can hide among the colorful buildings, a delicious bakery with delicacies like bread and pastries honey-almond and pears and incredible tradition.

Picturesque views, delicacies of local cuisine (including an excellent cheese and beer) and the possibility of a total break from the hustle and bustle is the perfect excuse to book a flight to Zurich (from £44), from where the train journey to Appenzell, is a little over one and a half an hour. By visiting is a magical place at the foot of the Alps you can learn about amazing crafts of embroidery, and being here at a local festival you can see the amazing folk costumes finished with these unique masterpieces.

10. Culture in an exclusive edition – Kosice, Slovakia

Visit Kosice, Slovakia

Although the largest number of tourists visiting the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava, this does not mean that other cities are not worth discovering. Among the beautiful corners can be mentioned, for example, Kosice, a city that offers a charming Gothic architecture, perfectly preserved buildings and plenty of lovely places. Direct flights from London to Kosice can be found from £97.

Being in Kosice be sure to visit Casa Villa or stroll around the city center, which is incredibly climatic and ideally suited for a city break. Visiting Old Town, see the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth and the Museum of Eastern Slovakia, which is located in a beautiful building from the late nineteenth century, and you can see there the Golden Treasures of Kosice in the collection of gold coins and many other trinkets. Kosice is a city full of cultural spots like Kulturpark, or Kunsthalle and the ubiquitous street arts delight, so fans of art will have what to do here. All those who want to get a taste of traditional regional dishes will delight Villa Regia, and beer lovers should visit the brewery Hostinec where you can enjoy great beers brewed on the place.

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