Travel advice for 10 days in Ireland

Dublin, Ireland - cheapest flights

Ireland is a charming, green country located on the beautiful island with an extremely varied terrain. Traveling to this magical corner of the world, worth to gather some information because this will allow you to fully enjoy your holiday.

Start by making friends with the locals! Nothing guarantees knowledge of a friendly Irish hospitality from the inside like its Inhabitants. Pub crawls in good company and attractions not included in the traditional tourist guides, are for sure, very well spent time and opportunity to gain new experiences.

Be sure to visit Dublin! This belonging to the major European cities place is a wealth of wonderful things to see. It is worth to visit the Trinity College, the National Museum, Grafton Street, Dublin Castle and St. Stephen Green. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city enchants and makes exploring it by walking or traveling by bus, gives a lot of fun and provides a great experience.

Dublin, Ireland - flight deals
Dublin, Ireland

If you love a beautiful medieval architecture, be sure to visit the Rock of Cashel. These amazing ruins of the castle and cathedral delight and the hill spread a breathtaking view. Near to the castle runs the road to the Emerald City.

Enthusiasts of nature and extraordinary views certainly should go to the Ring of Kerry. Panoramic scenery – lakes, mountains, sea coast as well as stone circles captivate and collapse in the memory for a long time. Perfectly, it is to walk through the ancient Green Road, and then take the cable car to Dursey Island.

Unforgettable impressions provide the Aran Islands and the like. The inhabitants of these regions may surprise you with the remarkable skills of their craft and agricultural. Resembling a moonscape surface of the ground, makes you feel extraordinary. The views from the cliff Dun Aengus on Inishmore will give an equally spectacular feeling, as the Cliffs of Moher.

Visit the Dingle Peninsula, which is rich in numerous attractions. You can go here for an archaeological tour, climb Mount Brandon, see the scenic Slea Head and Blasket Islands or visit the Chapel of St. Joseph in a monastery, where a special mention deserves the beautiful stained glass windows. Except that there is nothing that tastes like fresh seafood in the coastal bar.

In the northern part of Ireland, noteworthy is a Giant’s Causeway which is four miles long. It captivates with a beautiful Dunluce Castle (part of which fell into the sea) or impressive gorge Antrim, whose scenery knocks on knees.

When you get bored of the typical sightseeing taste the fishing expedition! It is a way of life many Irish, so it’s easy to find willing locals, who will introduce you, some secrets of fishing. Fishing in lakes, streams or in deep waters has its advantages, so being in Ireland for a while it is worth a try.

Here are some practical tips during a trip to Ireland:

  • Rent a car – the flexibility of having your own means of transport allows you to discover unique places and see many more of them!
  • Bet on a good road map and 2-3 guides – with their help, you won’t get lost in the maze of paths and by the way, you can find additional attractions along the way.
  • Ireland is a relatively small country, so 10 days is a really long time to see the most interesting places. Take a couple of most exciting options for you, and your journey will certainly be unforgettable. You can explore the land of St. Patrick regions, focusing for 2-3 days at certain points. You can start with Dublin and East parts of the island, then follow to the West and its unusual wonders of archeology, South and captivating coasts and finish on the North with the hill Donegal.
  • Instead of in restaurants, eat in pubs – the food is just as tasty and much cheaper. In addition – this is where you can get familiar with the culture and people of Ireland. Do not forget to taste the legendary Guinness, Smithwicks or Bushmills.
  • If you have the opportunity, be sure to take part in at least one of the numerous music festivals – Irish traditional music is exceptional!
    Even if you’re not a fan of golf, in Ireland, this sport is worth a try.

Ireland is a country in which it is impossible to get bored, so without a doubt, it is really worth to spend there a while and get to know it better.

Dublin, Ireland - cheapest flights
Dublin, Ireland
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