Travelling to Germany for the first time – travel guide

Travelling to Germany for the first time

Traveling to Germany for the first time is an extraordinary opportunity to taste excellent beer, meet interesting locals who surprise with a unique sense of humor, to see the fabulous and fascinating corners. Germany is a combination of modernity, timeless, although somewhat cold tradition, spectacular sceneries, vibrant cities and idyllic rural towns as well as the remarkable works of architecture.

By catching your first flight to Germany, you can count on a pleasant surprise that makes you want to come back here again in search of new, undiscovered corners. Depending on the time you want to spend on your visit, you can choose from many options that will let you know more about this remarkable destination. You can start with the majestic mountains of the Swiss Saxony, fall in love with a beautiful Dresden, visit Cologne, Munich, and Rothenburg, see the colorful Berlin or discover the fascinating area of lakes Spreewald.

Bunch of practical tips for the first-time visitors to Germany

Bunch of practical tips for the first-time visitors to Germany

When deciding on your first flight to Germany, you may have some wonderings about when it is best to go, or where you will find the best beer in this fascinating country. Here are some tips that will dispel at least some of your doubts!

  • The ideal time to visit the German land?  – The best time to visit Germany is spring or early summer when the long days with fabulous sunsets are not yet overcrowded with tourists, and both urban districts and rural corners explode amazing vibrant colors of trees and flowers, and it is wonderfully warm. In winter the temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius, but it is worth to come here for a cheering Christmas markets.
  • Do you need language skills? – Just like in a much larger part of Europe, residents speak English at least communicative. However, it is nice to know a few polite phrases like Danke schön (thank you) and tschüs (farewell).
  • How much does it cost? – Germany does not belong to the cheapest, but also to the most expensive destinations, so the expedition should not take you down the last penny. Overnight in the average standard in small hotel B & B in Berlin costs about 50 euros, while for the price in smaller towns you can rent a studio with a kitchenette and living room. Two meals and beer costs about 20-25 euros, and the transport and eventual attractions are about 25-30 euros a day. Summing up the day in Germany can therefore already cost 100 euros!
  • Where to find good beer? – Since beer is one of the leading German delicacies, it is impossible not to try it while visiting for the first time this amazing country. The answer to the question, however, is simple – everywhere! German brewers care about the excellent taste of its products because every corner offers high-quality local beer whose taste is worth the trip.
  • How to move around the country? – Trains are the best way to travel across Germany, although they are not cheap. You can buy tickets for three months in advance, and then they will be the cheapest. When traveling across the Länder, it is worth to look for LänderTicket tickets, which make moving around cheap – especially when you are in a larger group. If you prefer buses, you will save, but travel can be less efficient.

The most interesting choices of destinations for the first visit in Germany

The most interesting choices of destinations for the first visit in Germany

Germany is a country that is incredibly rich, so picking up the ideal itinerary depends on individual preferences and interests. If you are a history lover – choose Berlin, the gourmet of beer will find itself in Munich, and the wine amateur will love the Rhine Valley, anyone who enchants unforgettable cities will love Dresden, and a nature lover will be euphoric to see the Saxon Switzerland. Using the trains, you will reach wherever you want, for example in 1.5 hours from Berlin you can move to a magical, surrounded by water and forests Spreewald.

  • Berlin is a city that will work ideally as a first point of the trip. Unique atmosphere, rich history, plenty of upscale cafes, night events, world-class art, and architecture. You must see the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, and Checkpoint Charlie.
  • Munich is the Bavarian capital that will entertain everyone with the best beer. Art lovers will appreciate the Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek, and Pinakothek der Moderne museums, or the exquisite Lenbachhaus. Incredible architecture impresses here from the medieval Frauenkirche to the futuristic BMW Museum. In Munich, it is worth a visit also one of the most beautiful parks in Europe – Englischer Garden.
  • Frankfurt is a perfect place for a one-day getaway – it is a pleasant and incredibly atmospheric city, but not famous for its tourist attractions. In the nearby surroundings you can see a lot – Marburg, Mainz or Wiesbaden, these are charming places that will delight the lovers of picturesque medieval towns.
  • The beautiful Rhine Valley is a great place to stimulate the imagination of artists and tourists. A magical landscape, amazing villages with half-timbered buildings and steep vineyards take us in an entirely different time. The perfect place to taste fine wines in a unique atmosphere.
  • Romantic Road is the most popular route in Germany. A wealth of cultural, natural and historical riches leads for 400 km from Würzburg, famous for its wine and the Residenz to Füssen palace with its idyllic mountainous alpine suburban palace Neuschwanstein.
  • Bavarian Alps located south of Munich, is a paradise for lovers of mountains, rustling streams, forests, vineyards and flower-filled meadows. You can climb to the summit of Zugspitze and then in the meantime visit Berchtesgaden, which attracts all history buffs and dark tourism fans with the Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s Highland residence, and the Obersalzberg Documentation.
  • The Black Forest is an exceptionally atmospheric corner that takes us to the fairytales of Hansel and Gretel. Located on the east of the Rhine destination is rich in thermal baths and casinos – this is the place where the famous cake of the same name has its origins. It is worth to visit here the German capital of cuckoo clocks – Triberg.

What remains now is to book the flight and enjoy your first visit to Germany. Wir Sehen uns! (See you there!)

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