Ukraine in One Week: Mini Travel Guide and Tips

Visit Ukraine, Ukraine best places to visit

Ukraine is a phenomenal place full of unusual places to visit. The anxiety that accompanies tourists due to the political moods in the south and east of this beautiful country makes many of us afraid to book a flight and visit it. Meanwhile, it is a big mistake, because the country can surprise with phenomenal views, fabulous monuments and architecture, hospitable people and amazing traditions. Find out what it is worth to see, do, eat and get to know in Ukraine, which is a genuinely charming place, and taking advantage of a few flashbacks, your one-week travel itinerary will be unforgettable.

Incredible corners, which you can not miss in your one-week itinerary across green Ukraine

Travel to Lviv, Ukraine, top places to visit in one week

Unusual and rich history, unique nature, and incredibly hospitable locals make Ukraine, although unpopular, an extraordinary place to visit, and the adventure of the one-week itinerary will be an unforgettable experience. Because the week is not much time, it is worthwhile to bet on your trip to a few places that will let you know this beautiful country as best as possible. Here are a few options that you should consider when planning a trip:

  • Lviv is one of the main cultural centers of Ukraine, and its name in Latin means “the lion city.” Its extraordinary historical district and the world-famous Lviv ballet, opera and orchestra make this place a great destination for art enthusiasts. The cobbled streets and the majestic architecture will make the beginning of your journey from Lvov, will change your attitude to Ukraine forever.
  • If you love the unusual nature, a great place to visit is the Nikitsky Botanical Garden right on the shore of the Black Sea. There you will find more than 50,000 types of flora and walks among the lush vegetation, and beautiful parts of the garden will delight you completely.
  • In turn, the Odessa – a mythical seaport on the Black Sea, is a fairytale-like place full of sandy beaches like Lanzheron Beach, intimate streets, nooks, and crannies to explore, secluded squares and painted in pastel-colored houses. You can not forget to see the gardens and the iconic Odessa Opera House and numerous theaters.
  • Fans of majestic castles, on the trip to Ukraine, should merge Castle Olesko. Its oval shape, swampland surroundings and rich history of the place make it a gem with a magical courtyard, which is beautifully presented in the sun, and hundreds of rooms to explore allows you to move to the time before 1300 years.
  • A beautiful place that will delight both in summer and winter is Khortytsia, located on the Dnieper River. The extraordinary role it played in the history of Ukraine and the fairytale landscapes make it worth a visit. Museum enthusiasts will appreciate the Museum of the Cossack.
  • Green Ukraine, not without reason, is associated with this particular color, because it is here, where are one of the most beautiful gardens and parks in the world like Park Sofia in Umam. More than two thousand species of trees, numerous walking trails, ponds and relaxing, idyllic scenery will inspire and soothe.
  • Located on the outskirts of the capital Pyrohiv is a veritable museum of folklife of Ukraine. The settlement almost unchanged since the Bronze Age, with its architecture, its traditional wooden buildings and windmills, which adds a whole charm, will delight you.
  • Since we speak about the capital – Kiev is a place that can not be missed during the one-week itinerary around Ukraine! World famous monuments, museums, fortresses, art, fairytale panorama and unusual atmosphere make this town a very positive surprise.

What to do when traveling around the incredible Ukraine?


Ukraine is a place where you can indulge in fulfilling many passions, discovering unusual habits, spending time among the beautiful nature and tasting the excellent Ukrainian cuisine, which is famous all over the world. Here’s what you can do by going for a few days to this green, fascinating country:

  • Visiting Ukraine, you can not resist the opportunity to take tours of the Carpathians – the power of forests, meadows, charming villages and lakes and great hiking trails will make you spend a perfect time here.
  • Being in Kiev or Lviv, you should go to an opera or theater because of their world-class level impresses.
  • In winter go skiing for Drahobrat, which is located at 4,200 feet above sea level and offers excellent conditions for skiing and other attractions.
  • In Odessa, you can feel like an on vacation paradise – beaches, water, bars, clubs, and cafes will delight and will let you go crazy like nowhere else!
  • On the River Dnieper in many cities of Ukraine, you can go for sensational cruises, during which you can have a perfect time and explore the country in a fantastic atmosphere.
  • Wherever you go – explore castles and museums, which in Ukraine are unique and tell extraordinary stories.
  • Traveling around Ukraine is tasty because Ukrainian cuisine is not only “borsch” and “varenyky,” but also a lot of delicious meat and fish dishes, rich in vegetables. This kitchen is delicious and nutritious. It is worth to taste holubtsi (stuffed cabbage), kovbasa (sausage) and deruna (potato pancakes).
  • Ukrainian customs will surprise you more than once, so visit ethnic festivals, see “live” museums and villages outside major metropolises, as you can get to know exceptional craftsmanship, real flavors, music, dances (like gopak) and handicrafts.

A handful of tips that will be useful during a trip to Ukraine!

Visit Kharkiv, Ukraine, One week travel itinerary

Every journey – regardless of destination requires knowing a few trinkets, which will allow better and more confident to explore new places before the flight. It is no different in the case of Ukraine, which delights and surprises, so it is worth to prepare:

  • Since Ukraine is a country with much political turmoil, it is worth having documents at hand. The best is to carry a national ID card and contact the embassy or consulate of your country.
  • When traveling, it is a good idea to bring along some credit cards that we store in different places – losing them or their theft will not be a significant problem in the journey.
  • Have with you maps that do not require Internet access – in some places will be problematic to use navigation.
  • Ukrainians – especially outside the major cities, do not speak English well, so it’s a good idea to have a glossary or learn the most important phrases before you leave.
  • Kiev is not the cheapest city, so if you want to save some money, choose destinations outside the city. Fortunately, the food in Ukraine is not expensive, and you can eat nicely for a few dollars.
  • Night trains are a good way to travel between the points you want to visit – they are cheap and have a relatively good infrastructure.
  • If you live in hostels, using local means of transport and eating at inexpensive pubs, your daily travel costs may be less than $40!
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