Venice Carnival 2017: details and guide

The Carnival of Venice 2017

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous in the world. At the same time, it is one of the biggest attractions of this fabulous city on the water. In 2017 this annual event begins from 11 to 28 February.

Created by locals the Venetian masks are remarkable art and their tradition dates back to hundreds of years making the carnival here, is truly unique. Every year, this romantic corner of Italy is visited by the thousands of tourists who come to admire the extravagant costumes and parading through the streets and squares inhabitants. Booking a flight to Venice during the carnival, you can be sure that you’ll taste in here an extraordinary adventure and an unforgettable experience.

Stunning history of the Carnival of Venice

Venice Carnival 2017

Carnival has its roots in the traditions associated with Lent, in front of which people celebrated to use all supplies of food and beverages. The very word carnival comes from the Latin words carne vale, and it means farewell meat.

Fancy costumes, magical scenery, mysterious and worrying masks Venetian are traditions that guests here for hundreds of years, since 1162. The mere wearing of masks, it was for centuries, something much more for Venetians than just fun – it meant being free – thanks to covers it was possible to indulge in gambling, take a risk in the game of love or make a profitable business transaction, being completely unnoticed. In 1608, the Council of Ten issued a decree forbidding any citizen wearing masks, except during Carnival and official banquets.

Carnival in Venice means a great fiesta, during which, dominates freedom and fun. Palaces open their backyards, and every corner is full of color and life, every place resounds with the joyful music and dances that last all day and night in the narrow streets, small squares, and even on the water.

Carnival in new, well-known to us today form returned to Venice in 1980, and at present lasts almost a month, rejoicing locals and tourists with numerous shows, receptions, concerts or theater arts organized in the city. Among bedecked crowds, you can found here Casanova, go on a trip with Carlo Goldoni, or fall in love with a stranger.

What is waiting for us at the Venice Carnival in 2017?

Carnival of Venice 2017

Carnival of Venice is a unique holiday that combines past and present. The beautiful corners of magical Venice hosts remarkable events, among which, the most interesting are:

  • Festa Veneziana – the grand opening of the Carnival of Venice, which will start the celebration on Saturday evening February 11th around Cannaregio. This amazing show on water combines incredible emotions and unique spectacle that gives the rhythm to the whole carnival.
  • Dinner Show and Ball is not just dinner – this is exclusive experience during which we celebrate food. Taking place in the palace Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi feast delights!
  • Festa delle Marie is a traditional celebration of carnival, where we can see the procession with the participation of twelve Venetian girls. The fascinating spectacle shows historical costumes and every year enchants newcomers. This year, the ceremony will start on February 18th at 16:00.
  • The Best Masked Costume Contest will start at St. Mark’s Square on February 20. The parade participants of this great competition will make the fantasy a reality. February 27th, organizers plan a similar contest for the little ones! You can still sign up to participate in the competition.
  • The flight of the angel – Volo dell’Angelo – is a traditional feast of carnival, which dates back to the Serenissima period. Unknown guest, visiting Venice, is placed on the line and straight from the bell tower of San Marco greets crowds. Fantastic experience!
  • The competition for the most beautiful mask La maschera più bella is a permanent point of the program of the event. Fashion designers, costume designers, and all volunteers can take part in it. Masks are very different, are made of leather, porcelain, using a variety of techniques, or glass. Most impressive are gold-plated, hand-painted, decorated with feathers and jewels.

Carnival in Venice is the best example of this that tradition and fascinating culture can be fun for visitors of all ages. A full calendar of events is available on the official website of the Venice Carnival 2017.

A handful of tips on Venetian Carnival

Carnival of Venice 2017

  • Arriving in Venice in the middle of the week, the city is quiet and does not resemble the carnival fiesta. The Carnival resounds here on the weekends, so if you want to experience the strongest emotions book a flight so as to spend here the whole week.
  • Big balls, which are held throughout Venice is not a small cost (even over £ 547), so it is worth to look for attractive options and get to know the prices.
  • The most famous and most spectacular celebrations are held at St. Mark’s Square, but in other parts of Venice, the fun is just as great.
  • Going to the carnival ball, you can not forget about the appropriate costume! Without the mask, you can lose a lot, so you should find something suitable for yourself – you can find inexpensive disguises on numerous stalls, or look for something more original in the boutiques and ateliers.
  • Finding accommodation during the carnival is not an easy task, so you should think about the prior reservation.
  • The official carnival celebrations, do not require additional fees, so be sure to plan your time actively.
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