Venice – the best destination in autumn for lovers

Venice - multiple flights

Autumn is the ideal time for a flight to Venice. Why? This time of year, this place becomes quiet, incredibly climatic and far less crowded hideaway, after a hot summer. Autumn aura in Venice is usually incredible, and lovers can enjoy romantic walks, rides on gondolas or savoring an exceptionally rich in aphrodisiacs Italian, Venetian cuisine.

Venice is a city of alleyways, bridges, flyovers, and waterways. Everywhere in the morning you can hear the joyful “Buon giorno”, and the positive energy of joyful Italians is contagious. Flight to Venice from London is only two hours, so if you dream of a romantic getaway for a few days – it will be a perfect choice this time of the year.

The beauty of the city on the water – sights of Venice!

Canal Grande, Venice - cheap flights

Venice is a treasure trove of attractions. Therefore, lovers will not be bored here during a trip! Here’s what you can do in this romantic city!

  • The Grand Canal is probably the first place characteristic of Venice, which you will see when you arrive at the city of lovers. If you dream to start your stay in style, choose a course by waterbus – Vaporetto along the canal, under the Rialto Bridge, past the colorful facades of the Ca d’Oro and Ca’Rezzonico and go to St. Mark’s Square.
  • Being in Venice, it is impossible not to admire the Byzantine splendor of St. Mark’s Basilica. Massive marble columns, graceful arches and domes, and gold mosaic tiles make a big impression.
  • See the fabulous view of the city from above – the majestic image of Venice, can be seen from the high Campanile bell tower at St. Mark’s Square – a ticket to the top of the bell tower costs about €8.
  • To feel the unique atmosphere of the city of lovers, it is worth go to the Rialto Market, where the sounds, smells, and vibrant market stalls captivate with local delicacies and souvenirs.
  • If you love crafts, a great place worthy of attention will be Murano, where there is a the center of the tradition of making glass. Here you can purchase unique works made of glass including sculptures and chandeliers – that kind of souvenir of Venice will be unique!
  • A perfect place to escape from the bustle will be excursions to nearby islands as Murano, but also, Burano and Torcello. Each of these sites is in its way exceptional, and its picturesque landscapes, colorful cottages and small fishing ports delight with the atmosphere.
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Gondolas at their Moorings on the Grand Canal, San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy
  • A gondola ride is a must during a trip to Venice for two. The narrow channels in the heart of the city, fabulous bridges, water greenery and pink walls of buildings around create a uniquely magical combination that is enhanced by extremely characteristically gondoliers. 40 minutes of gondola ride costs about 80-100 euros.
  • A lazy evening together is an opportunity to listen to the orchestra in the Piazza San Marco, where Casanova stopped for a cup of coffee after escaping from prison in 1756, to later disappear in the joyful crowd.
  • In Venice, it is worth to get lost – leave the map and move braided streets of this magical city. Autumn here is extremely colorful, so you never know what magical places, will you be able to discover here.
  • If you are fans of Agent 007, you can go in his footsteps because it is precisely in Venice was filmed the shooting scene in Casino Royale! Afterward, you have to necessarily go for the famous Venetian ice creams (gelato).

The flavors of Venice

Food Venice - cheap flights

Deciding on a romantic flight to Venice, you should plunge straight into its extraordinary cuisine. Here’s what it is worth to try:

  • Venice is a paradise for the gourmet of fish and gifts of the sea, so you should taste here dishes such as sarde in soar – delicious sardines marinated in vinegar, onions, raisins and pine nuts. An excellent recipe is also baccala mantecato – cream with dried cod served with fresh bread or grilled polenta.
  • Italy is a taste of risotto, except that, this Venetian, is outstanding – Risotto al Nero di Seppia is a wealth of flavors of seafood in black, which owes its color the squid ink. However, if you prefer rice in a more traditional version, you’ll like Risi e Bisi – with bacon, onion, and parsley.
  • Spaghetti in the version of Venice – bigoli, is another proposal with the addition of fish. Traditionally, this dish is given on Giori di Magro or days such as Good Friday or Christmas Eve.
  • If you want to taste something else, an excellent idea would be fegato alla veneziana – veal livers stewed in onions and served with polenta. It is a unique dish, convinced many a man, to eat livers!
  • Besides its famous ice cream, Venice offers another tasty sweet delicacy, which is fritole – sweet fritters, which are the traditional baking of carnival. Made with the addition of pine nuts and raisins balls of dough, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
  • Venice is like the other Italian places the land of fine wine. The particular microclimate of the region Veneto makes of cultivated vines here produced fine red and white wines. Being in Venice, enjoy sparkling wine Prosecco, and dinner with red wine Soave. Local Orto di Venezia or Venissa, in turn, are delicious options for a lazy afternoon together.

Visiting Venice in an autumn season is a great adventure that will make a joint trip for two will be special. An excellent argument, which should help you decide is the flight price, which starts from £15!

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