What to see in Norway: 12 days travel itinerary

Norway is, according to many, a mysterious and distant country. In addition to its capital city Oslo – and the world-famous fjords, most of us do not know too many corners, of that, as it turns out the truly unique country. 12 days itinerary thus becomes an excellent way to discover the charms of Norwegian landscapes, each of which deeply impresses. Fabulous snow-covered hills, black-blue fjords, forested hills and proximity to the Arctic allows us to discover the closeness to the whole world. Interestingly, among these extraordinary circumstances of nature, we can visit here many attractive and cosmopolitan cities, charming provincial towns and remnants of the perverse Viking community.

Why is it worth to book a flight to Norway and move in 12 days itinerary? Answer below!

Magical Norwegian nooks, which can not be overlooked during the itinerary

Alesund, Norway

From the majestic mountains, through the extraordinary fjords to the picturesque towns – Norway is one of the most beautiful corners of the world, inviting you to go hiking, long road trips or boating. Rich history, beautiful legends on the background of the northern lights is a magic that delights! Here are some places you must go!

  • Alesund is a beautiful corner that is like a gate to the majestic fiords. The city rebuilt after a fire from 1904 impresses with its stone and brick buildings in the style of Art Nouveau. Here you can admire the breathtaking views.
  • Tromso – the largest of the northern cities of Norway, impresses with museums, 18th-century wooden houses and birch forests. Nearby you can go to Mount Storsteinen in the Fjellheisen Cable Car. Fans of natural phenomena are coming here to see the Northern Lights.
  • Viking fans will certainly love the city of Trondheim, which was the capital of Norway at the time of this exceptional nation. This is a great place to get rich in history, and beautiful architecture works like Sverresborg – a restored 12th-century castle or Nidaros Cathedral brings the charm of those years.
  • Jotunheimen National Park (the Giant’s House) is a unique place that captures the highest peaks of Norway, the Vettisfossen waterfall, hiking trails and a possibility of glacier trips.
  • The fabulous Islands of Svalbard, located on the border of the Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea, Greenland Sea and the Norwegian Sea is a place where it is impossible not to fall in love. Incredible glaciers and rocky mountains, and unusual animals such as polar bears, caribou, reindeer, polar foxes, whales, seal and walrus delight.
  • The capital of Norway – Oslo, is a combination of modernity and laid-back atmosphere. Beautiful forests and green areas are combined here with urban architecture and monuments. Numerous museums, galleries, bike trails and walking, lively bars and restaurants – everyone will find something for themselves.
  • In summer it is best to go to Stavanger where the sandy beaches will delight the sunbathing fans. Near the shore are many attractions such as art exhibitions, medieval buildings like the cathedral or the intriguing Gamle district.
  • Bergen is Norway’s second largest city, located just next to the most famous Scandinavian fjords, stretching from Stavanger to Molde. The most famous fjords are the Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord. The picturesque town beyond fabulous fjords, islands and the surrounding natural beauty impresses with local attractions like the cable car.

Norwegian attractions – what to try, visiting this unusual Scandinavian country

Cityscape of Trondheim, Norway - architecture background

Norway is a magical country, so being here you can experience things which you won’t find anywhere else. Among the most interesting attractions are:

  • Northern Light is a natural phenomenon that consistently delights. To see this amazing effect caused by the magnetized particles emitted by the sun, get a little Arctic cool in the period from October to March.
  • Staying on the outskirts of Stavanger, you will find Rock View where the view will be enchanted! The blue waters of Lysefjord and fabulous scenery will delight you.
  • Mountains of Svalbard is a place where you can see with your own eyes in a natural environment – a polar bear – if you are a fan of these unusual animals you will be delighted!
  • Being in coastal towns necessarily visit the fish markets – freshest fish will become your favorite tasty memory of this great expedition.
  • Discover amazing Norwegian culture, music, dances and regional delicacies. Near Oslo, on the island of Bygdøy, visit the Norske Folkemuseum.
  • Your 12-day itinerary must include the largest glacier – Jostedalsbreen, which is a paradise for nature lovers and extreme sports enthusiast like kayaking.
  • In the most northern part of Norway – Tromsø, enjoy a beer – the local brewery is famous all over the world.

A handful of tips that will be useful during the Norwegian adventure

Vigeland sculpture park on amazing sunset, Oslo, Norway

Norway is not one of the cheapest countries in the world, and it may surprise you in different ways. Here are a few tips that will help you have an enjoyable time here.

  • If you want to save – cook yourself, and you can still have fun in the Norwegian kitchen – a hint of salmon, hard boiled eggs, and fresh bread will create a truly Norwegian breakfast!
  • To travel in Norway is best to choose a train! Surprisingly, it is extremely cost efficient, and it also offers the most scenic travel routes in the world!
  • Traditional cuisine is based here on potatoes and fatty meats. The favorite dish is the Pinnekjøtt (ribs/lamb ribs, which are usually served during Christmas), amazingly good bread and grilled mackerel. There’s no denying that vegetarians do not be satisfied too much.
  • Norwegians speak English excellent, but knowing a few polite phrases in their native language will be in good taste. Say thank you: “takk” or order beer “kan jeg få en øl?”
  • Do not count on the “thank you,” “please” or “I’m sorry” – Norwegians simply do not have the habit. Therefore, you need not offend – that is how it is in here.
  • Do not complain about the prices – at least in public, Norwegians know that they are not cheap – you do not have to remind them.
  • A one day stay can cost an average of $75 per day, but you must be creative.
  • Packing up for your flight remember warm clothes – even in summer. For trips to the fjords or other places, you should be prepared for a variety of weather options. You will need a sturdy, waterproof touristic hiking boots, raincoat, and cap. If you want to drink alcohol cheaply – get it at the airport, here it will be the cheapest.
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