Where to go on unforgettable (and affordable) beach holidays?

Dubrovnik, Croatia - multiple flights

Who doesn’t like the touch of the sun on their skin and a gentle swooshing noise of water while laying on a warm sand? Yes, we all love beach holidays – the lazy ones with hours of sunbathing and the adventurous kind with lots of water sports. If this is what you’re looking for this year, hunt for these destinations in your flight search.

Antalya, Turkey

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya has a lot to offer for many different types of tourists. Those who enjoy sightseeing will find themselves spending hours in the charming old town – Kaleiçi, the place with a labyrinth of streets with numerous shops, galleries, restaurants and historical sites. In Antalya you can find the most beautiful white sand beaches and an old harbour with relaxing, peaceful atmosphere.

Canary Islands, Spain

Beautiful, sandy beaches, picturesque towns, gorgeous scenery – Canary Islands have it all. This is the traditional holiday destination for Brits and, at the same time, one of the most affordable destinations with the cheapest flights available even during summer.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fancy beach holidays with a chance to get active? Then Dubrovnik is the destination for you. Beside spending time on the beach, you can cruise around Croatia’s islands, go sea kayaking or snorkelling. You can also visit numerous museums, galleries, buildings, walls and forts. Are you a ‘Games of Thrones’ fan? Don’t miss the exclusive walking tour and see all the spots used in the TV series.

Normandy, France

This is not the destination for those who want to sunbathe all day long. Normandy is known for its cold and rainy weather, which makes it perfect for water sports: snorkelling, windsurfing or kite surfing. You will also enjoy the calm, charming surroundings with the best Moules-frites you’ve ever tasted.

Cornwall, UK

Offering both exciting and idyllic beaches, Cornwall remains one of the most popular holiday spots in Europe, not only for surfers. It doesn’t guarantee a sunny weather, but you will fall in love with the sandy beaches and Victorian seaside towns with many tourist attractions.

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