7 hacks for saving money this ski season

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A trip on skis is a fun and fantastic experience for any fan of winter sports, but in ski resorts money can melt faster than snow in the spring … If you do not want the flight in your favorite corner of winter sports made, that the excessive costs will spoil all the fun, be sure to check out some tips that will help save a lot of money during a trip for skiing this season.

You might need some self-discipline and prior preparation, but the effect will be satisfying! Here are seven tips that will support your budget and will help you to enjoy the charms of skiing on the beloved boards thoroughly:

1. Rent a ski gear in advance

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Buying ski boots, skis, and snowboards is a considerable expense, so before you catch a flight to one of the dream destinations book it on the spot! The cost of rental skis and other necessary components are much smaller than the purchase of new equipment, especially if you are looking for something for the kids.

On the Internet, you can find easily Outfit Rentals that offer the equipment at prices even up to 50% off! Often, also with hotel booking, you can reserve the whole ski stuff. Besides, with all the necessary utensils to having fun on the skiing slopes provided at the destination, you save yourself the trouble with luggage and additional costs of transport!

2. Consider renting or buying used ski clothing

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The equipment is one thing, but adequate clothing is the second thing that you need to keep in mind when going with family on icy slopes and white madness.

Most often the largest expenditure in this matter, are associated with children, which every year need new clothes, so if you do not belong to the ski freaks, and your trips will be occasional, you should look for rental or purchase used clothes. In the case of used or rented overalls, you need to wash and refresh them up, and they will be like new!

3. Excellent accommodation does not have to be expensive!

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Hotels are not the only option for a stay that you have at your disposal during the trip on skis. If you are planning a multicity flight with friends or family, the best solution would be to rent a cottage or a bigger room in a hostel in which you will stay all together, and the costs you can share equally. It will be fun and adventure at one.

While visiting popular destinations, it is worthwhile to make a reservation earlier – the best in periods when the site will not be too crowded as it happens, for example, during breaks of Christmas or winter holidays. The best time for a getaway for skiing is in the middle of the week – the slopes are not crowded, and the prices are lower.

4. Think about cheaper dining options

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If during the trip for skis you want to save some money, put on food prepared by your hands. Sandwiches, salads and other treats that you can quickly make with ingredients from the nearby supermarket is a great option for cost-conscious. Besides, tasty sandwich fits into your pocket, and you can eat it when you get hungry while skiing!

Foray into the climatic pub for a delicious hot soup or pizza it is nice, but consider finding accommodation with a kitchenette where you can prepare meals for the entire family and friends – it will be much cheaper and healthier!

5. Save by buying lift tickets in advance

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Lift ticket prices often effectively discourage the all-day fun in the snow, so you should look for an option to purchase them in advance. It turns out that you can find them at prices up to 80% off!

The advantage of this type of tickets is that usually, they are flexible in time so that you can use them, even although you changed the date of the flight, matching them to ideal terms. Furthermore, find out if your hotel offers free ski passes – very often you can get them as part of booking accommodation!

6. Enjoy the ski lessons during the afternoon

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If you start your adventure with skiing and you need a few lessons, you should look for cheaper options, which can be found most often during the afternoon.

Some resorts have discounts on packages of lessons, and during the afternoon they are cheaper by up to 20%. For example, in Alpe d’Huez, six hours of skiing in the afternoon is about € 154 compared to € 169 for a similar course in the morning.

7. Think about the expedition on new slopes

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Many ski resorts – especially those popular are the places where it is difficult for bargain prices. If you do not want to break the bank, try to look for cheaper destinations where the fun on the slopes will be equally enjoyable.

Often in less popular ski resorts atmosphere it is equally exciting, and there are no crowds, which ensures pleasantly spent time. You can take advantage of the many additional attractions and save a lot of money.

Enjoy your skiing!

PS: Do not forget about the cream with UV protection!

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