9 travel hacks to maxime airline miles, points, and rewards

How to earn more air miles, tips and tricks

Programs related to collecting airline miles, points and various rewards are the basis by which their dreams meet all the maniacs of traveling and exploring corners of the world. If your quiet desire is to see as many places possible and catch flights along and across the world, too, learn how to maximize bonuses and as a result how to fly cheap! Different companies offer many additional bonuses for regular customers, and their collecting often allows for free flights and various gifts such as trips in first class or interesting gadgets.

Frequent business or tourist trips are worth to use them for gaining airline miles, points, rewards by using programs for travelers. Seemingly small bonuses, over time, begin to bring a lot of benefits, and knowing how to gather them up cleverly can be very satisfactory. Travel hacking can be understood in several ways. On the one hand, these are methods for flights around the world for the least possible costs, but also on how to use the collected points or miles for travel comfort, e.g., through additional services and more pleasant travel conditions for less money.

NINE simple and very useful TRAVEL HACKING TIPS to maximizing airline miles, points, and rewards!

9 travel hacks to maxime airline miles, points, and rewards

Join loyalty programs – there are no rewards without participation! The more, the better!

The biggest mistake of travelers is that they do not register in any loyalty program. Even when you fly infrequently, do not give up participation in offered by airlines, hotels, credit cards, etc. programs for regular customers – you never know whether they will be useful in the future.

Combine loyalty programs of different companies!

Very often available are consolidated offers in several different companies and using the services of each of them, you collect points and bonuses, which you can use freely. The more often you use the flights, accommodation or car rental, the greater the chance for extra bonus points.

Often such consolidation is extremely fruitful, especially when there are periods of hot deals. When you are planning a trip, it is worth to browse some current offers, to benefit maximally. They may also appear selective promotions on certain routes or new directions, and then the bonus points might be a great excuse for spontaneous trips.

Use the points and bonuses actively

Airlines and other companies do not want you to accumulate points infinitely, and the active use of rewards, through more frequent flights and hotel stays, are most welcome. It is worth checking the validity of the points because it happens that they expire after 12 months unless you are using them actively. For example, if you collect systematically miles during short multi-city flights, dreaming of a distant expedition to South America, the active use of the account even through the use of part of the points on the other, smaller bonuses, in effect, will help to fulfill your bigger dream. Think about points and collected air miles as of the currency exchange rate changes and then use them when you might get the most.

Sometimes most preferably is to upgrade your accounts

Cheap or free flights and accommodation are attractive, but sometimes it is better to use points or miles to a higher standard of service. If you do not want to overpay for the flight in Business Class, you can use the accumulated bonuses and purchase much cheaper tickets, which will upgrade at the same time your loyalty account. You can also use your points gaining a higher level and receive in return free drinks or meals. In some companies, the updates occur automatically, and bonuses “work themselves,” so you should check out the offers and choose the most preferable for you.

The value of points may be uneven

Not all points are equally valued because, in different places in the world, you can get for them completely different bonuses. For example, in some hotels for a certain amount of bonus points you will gain a discount on the room, and in other only free drinks. Also, after collecting a large balance in one of the companies co-participating in the program, you can exchange them for the service of others – for example, airline miles on accommodation in hotels and vice versa.

Collect points during shopping

9 travel hacks to maxime airline miles, points, and rewards

Programs for traveling very often are combined with offers of online stores where you can receive points, which later can be useful when you are looking for cheap flight tickets deals. Do not waste your opportunity and earn big bonuses while shopping at your favorite stores!

Large bonuses by using credit cards

If you want to gain bonus benefits, think about having credit cards, which are often are combined with truly lucrative perks. Using credit cards while traveling can accumulate significant amounts of miles and points. It is a kind of legal money laundering with various bonuses, so why not use them? Keep in mind however not to overdo it – with a credit balance, and you better be careful! Having a few credit cards you can gain more, but remember to pay them back regularly.

When traveling, try to use one airline

Traveling on one airline, you have many flights opportunities, and by the way, you save time and minimize foreign interchange – especially if you love spontaneous weekend trips. This way, you can use the accumulated miles most preferably.

Get a pass for free flights for a companion

Once you have enough points or miles, some airlines offer a free ticket for a companion for every flight that you book! This is an ingenious solution for people who love traveling together and dream of seeing the entire world.

As you can see, traveling can be even cheaper! Do not hesitate, and just today start gathering points, miles and rewards to fulfill your dreams!

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