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In recent times lonely journeys gather increasing number of enthusiasts. Solo expedition, allow following according to individual own schedule and needs. Age does not play any role, and discovering the world alone become for many people a way of finding themselves and fulfilling secret dreams.

Lonely journey inseparably involves some concerns or doubts, but thanks to a good preparation can safely move on to conquer the world solo! We gathered a handful of the most valuable tips to make the trip will be not only memorable and unique but also safe and adventurous.

Preparing for solo travel

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If you are traveling alone, you should be well prepared before you go. Here are couple of things with you can use:

  • Define your strong points, such as knowledge of foreign languages. This is one of the essential elements that will help you feel more confident when you are alone. If you are not too good in other languages, try to learn at least the basic words and phrases in the language of the countries you are going visit.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of Facebook and Twitter and look for local friends – you don’t even know how many people will be happy to take you out to dinner or guide you through the magical corners of their city.
  • Look for attractive accommodation options and be sure to book hostels and flights before you leave – sometimes works well-renting rooms at the locals – a close contact with people living in a particular destination, make the trip will bring many exciting experiences and even the friendships for years. By booking flights earlier, you can also save a lot of money.
  • Packing up your luggage, put on the practicality – baggage and a medium suitcase or backpack should do just fine for a one week trip (in fact, it is enough even for a month on the way!). Small baggage makes it easier the check before the flight too.
  • The journey plan on so as to reach the destination during the day – an unknown town in the dark can cause a lot of trouble.
  • If you’re afraid of being so completely alone, look for longer organized tours – the company of your group and provided by the organizer’s formalities will make you feel safer and calmer.
  • Prepare yourself financially – consider acquiring additional money, for example, keep in readiness a debit card, which, if necessary, you can use at any ATM.
  • Thinking about the security of travel consider buying the phone to the SIM card (you can buy SIM card in each country you visit) or find out where you can use the free WiFi, etc. Contact with loved ones is crucial during the lonely journey – even if you want to cut off from everyone and everything!
  • Plan your trip to visit a few places – spending time in a single location for two weeks, maybe in the long run merely annoying. Perfectly, will check in here multi-city flights, which will further help save real money – 5 flights within Europe you can have from £40!

Safety is a guarantee of exceptional expedition


Your safety is the key of successful journey – stay away from troubles.

  • Learn the basics about the place you visit, and with you, always keep a card with your data like emergency contacts and identification documents.
  • Expensive items like camera, documents or money, store it in a safe place – it is worth investing in a bag or other anti-theft accessories.
  • Take advantage of useful applications – GPS, translator, currency converter, or guides, will be an invaluable aid.
  • Avoid dark alleys – public places are best for single travelers.
  • Trust instincts – if you feel that something is wrong, do not be a hero!
  • Learn to say NO – decisiveness and assertiveness, are very useful in countries such as Egypt or Italy, where at every step, you can find tricksters and more.

Traveling alone without feeling lonely

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When you embark the single journey remember that safety is a priority, but do not forget to wisely and attractively develop your time!

  • Do not be afraid to socialize, meet new people and stir into a group of other travelers or locals! The common rooms, evening outings, spending time together will be a great opportunity to make friends.
  • Meet local transport, little restaurants, and parks and explore the city, looking on it as its inhabitants!
  • Being in an interesting place, take a short language or cooking course – you will learn the culture, people, and flavors!
  • You do not have to travel only to places recommended in the guide – sometimes a small change of route can bring incredible adventure!
  • Take a lot of pictures! When you come back, your friends will be amazed!
  • A single trip is an opportunity to catch up a book – reading in a Parisian cafe or on a deck chair on the sand of the Portuguese Praia da Adraga is an unforgettable experience!
  • Day start early – lonely night escapade is not the best idea. But remember always to be well rested and sober!
  • Do this what you always wanted – try dishes that for a long time intrigued, go to the museum, go on a show to the theater or the do not do anything the hotel swimming pool – it’s your time!
  • For meals choose the bars – is an excellent opportunity to get to know the amazing people!

Women traveling alone should take special care for their safety.

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