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Flight delays, cancellation, overabundance passengers for the flight or lost luggage, are without a doubt situations, which can effectively spoil the pleasure of the trip. When to appear the unexpected circumstances at the airport, great solution, which is worth remembering, is the flight insurance

Bear in mind, however, should that not every policy, provides us with peace of mind when during the trip something goes wrong! Here’s what you should know when will appear unexpected situations while traveling by plane!

Delayed or canceled flight, and lost luggage

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Air travels bring with them all kinds of unforeseen situations. Here’s what you can expect in the event of delays or cancellations of flights, as well as in the case of lost luggage.

  • If the flight is delayed due to certain situations or events, such as strikes, unfavorable weather conditions or mechanical damage, some insurers will pay compensation, although individual claims are relatively small. The rule is that insurers offer payment for the inconvenience due to travel delays, typically of around €30 for every hour of delay – for the 12 hours of waiting, we can gain up to about €300 to €350.
  • Some insurers also pay compensation in the event of canceling a trip after a delayed flight – all depends on the rules of the insurance contract.
  • In the case of flight cancellation often it remains a matter of accommodation, so in the event of obliged to forego the lodgings on-site destinations which ultimately we will reach, or we will turn with a considerable lag, you will need to obtain a written certification of the situation (from the airlines). Often the airlines offer a payment for accommodation when the case was established from their fault.
  • In the case of insurance for cancellation of the ticket, the insurer is of no importance whether the ticket is purchased in low-cost or regular lines. In the event of an emergency like an accident, sudden illness, premature birth, death, serious injury at the home, you can use the insurance and recover the cost of the ticket purchase.
  • In the case of overbooking, the passenger has to be compensated governed by the European Union – there is no special insurance for the occasion. The passenger is entitled to compensation in the amount from the €250 to €600 – depending on the length of the route and a refund for the ticket.
  • You can be insured in case of flight delays, the most common it concerns of delays above 5 hours. In the event of cancellation or delay of several hours, the carrier is obliged to cover the costs of transportation to the hotel, the cost of lodging and food.
  • Insurance of luggage applies to everyday things that we take on a journey. Valuables like gold, silver, platinum, means of payment (e.g., Credit and debit cards), jewelry, watches, keys, antiques, collectibles collections are excluded from insurance coverage. With the valuables, we can insure electronic equipment: phones, camera, camcorder or laptop. The standard insurance amount of luggage is €200 – €400, but can also be insured for €1000.

Insurance in case of the unexpected

canceled flight - multiple flights

What if we deal with unexpected situations like unusual weather conditions?

  • When we are dealing with the emergence of clouds of volcanic, hurricane or other particular circumstances, whether we are covered by insurance depends on the insurance company.
  • During volcanic eruptions and similar events, in most cases, insurance is very limited, so you should find out about the possible extension of the insurance policy.
  • Often in unexpected situations, insurers use the compensation for delay or cancellation of a flight due to adverse weather.

What to do in case of troubles at the airport

Flight Compensation on multi city flights

Having a ticket, and being at the airport on time – it’s  unfortunately, only a half of success! It can always happen something that will make that exactly your flight is delayed or canceled, or you lose your luggage – what to do then? Here are some solutions and the rights which you may use!

  • In the case of trouble at the airport, you should go to the point of service at the airport. Additionally, you can contact the emergency center of the insurer.
  • If your flight is delayed more than the allowed limits of delays, as a passenger, you are entitled to compensation, and the carrier shall provide free meals and refreshments, two telephone calls, the ability to send a fax or e-mail, as well as hotel accommodation and transport to the airport.
  • When a flight is delayed for more than five hours, the passenger may give it up, and then he is entitled to reimbursement of the full cost of the ticket. Also, the passenger has to have a guaranteed return to the place of departure.
  • In the case of delays at the destination for at least three hours, a passenger may request compensation. Compensation, however, does not apply in the event of extraordinary circumstances, which the carrier could not prevent.
  • When a flight is canceled, the passenger may withdraw from the contract, demand reimbursement of the cost of tickets, and require care while waiting for the alternative flight – even when a passenger changes airline plans. Here as well, is entitled to compensation (with some exceptions).
  • Lost, delayed or damaged luggage – this case, it will be necessary to have the ticket with a receipt luggage, which is the basis to initiate the inquiry procedure and seek redress.
  • Complaints shall be submitted in the office of the carrier within seven days in the case of destruction or damage to baggage. 21 days to the complaint, are applicable in the event of lost luggage.
  • When a passenger is deprived of personal belongings, as a result of the loss of luggage can apply for a voucher to purchase new ones.
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